Xbox One Pre-Orders Score High Numbers

Good morning folks.

The Xbox One is scoring a large number of pre-orders, large numbers that surpass the 360 pre-orders during the months before the 360 was released.


This past Thursday, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One has surpassed the number of preorders during the pre-launch months of the Xbox 360. The upcoming console has sold out in preorder status at most of its major retailers in the U.S.

 The 360 is also heating up sales, for the 30th month in a row, the 360 was the top-selling home console in the United States last month with consumers snagging more than 140,000 units. Total spending on the Xbox 360 including hardware, software and accessories hit $197 million in June, research firm NPD said Thursday, the highest number for any console in the U.S.


To begin with, I find it quite odd that people are still buying the Xbox 360, especially when the next-gen Xbox console is coming out in a few months. Maybe they're buying the 360 for the lack of backwards compatibility, but if that is the case I would actually recommend those whoever are looking to purchase a 360 to still be able to play 360 titles during the next generation of consoles to wait.

With the next-gen around the corner, give it some time and the prices for the 360 will drop. You could see cheaper Xbox 360 Slims that have a 250GB Hard Drive, more space, less money out of your pocket, save your pennies.

As for the pre-orders.

I like to read things like this, people are putting aside the console war and being a gamer, first and foremost. The DRM policies that was making the console unpopular in the public eye are now gone, you've got games like Halo 5(Come on we all know it's going to be Halo 5) Dead Rising 3 and Titan Fall. I would not be surprised if people are buying the Xbox One only for Titan Fall or Dead Rising 3.

I would also not be surprised to see people not buying the Xbox One is because of the price, 500 dollars does punch a sizeable hole in your wallet and so does 400 dollars for the PS4.

A lot of people are living on a budget right now.

Thank you for reading.

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