Top 10 Creatures From Resident Evil That Terrified Me

Good evening everyone.

Have you played Resident Evil?

If you have, you are already thinking of some the horrifying creatures we have encountered in the series. You and I have our own list of creatures we absolutely could not face without shaking in fear and panicking when that same creature gets closer and begins to attack.

So today, I will be going over the 10 creatures I personally have been terrified of in the past. Keep in mind this a list of creatures I personally was scared of in the past, feel free to make your own list and list some of the creatures that have terrified you in the past. The Top 10 Creatures From Resident Evil That Terrified Me

Number 10
The Chimera from Resident Evil REmake
The Chimera from Resident Evil REmake is the stuff of nightmares, just the look itself reminds me of the horror film 'The Fly' starring Jeff Goldblum.

The story behind this monstrosity is that it was the result of combining human genes and fly genes, mixed with the T-Virus and this was the result. The Chimera body is host to maggots, as if this wasn't terrifying enough.

They break out of the ventilation ducts in the underground lab, their footsteps get louder as they get closer to you, they're fast and deadly, it makes you panic and it scares me to think how these things would look in real life.

I may have beaten this game several times, but everytime I reach the underground lab, I know I'm heading into a nightmare....

Number 9
The Black Tiger from Resident Evil REmake

You guys should know something about me, I have arachnophobia.

This creature was the most terrifying thing to me seeing it slowly climb down the spider web filled walls. It's large size, vicious expression, the screech it makes when it charges to attack.

It's massive size and glowing red eyes. On the body itself it looked like it had scars and wounds, as if others who had encountered it tried to kill it but ended up being killed from it, god knows what it did to those people who tried to fight it off.

Number 8
The Hunter from Resident Evil O,1 and 3.
The fast, deadly and agile creature we saw in the original Resident Evil.

The Hunter terrifies me that there is a creature this large, this fast and this deadly, it has the power to slice your head clear off with one swoop if it wishes.

To simply imagine seeing this thing walk through a hallway staring at you  or making it's chilling screech.....

Number 7
The Licker from Resident Evil 2
Get this, this monster is the evolution of the some point....a zombie turned into if we get the Resident Evil version of a zombie apocalypse we are screwed.

The Licker is among the creatures that terrified because of how it looks, how it sounds and what it can do. It can crawl on walls, it's agile and makes a horrifying scream before it attacks you with it's massive claws.

The fact that it can rip your head off with it's tongue is also terrifying, at any point this thing can be behind you or above you, it's tongue will stretch out, wrap around your head and it's death without warning.

Number 6
G-Birkin from Resident Evil 2
In Resident Evil 2 we learn of a new virus, the G-Virus, what it's capable of we do not know.

William Birkin, the creator of the virus, is attacked by a mercenary group hired by Umbrella to acquire the G-Virus sample from Birkin, a soldier is quick to fire and shoots Birkin. At the brink of death Birkin injects the virus and the result is a terrifying beast.

This monster scared me, what made it even worse is the more times you defeated him, the more he would mutate. You would see his body mold into this new form but you would see aspects of his human form still on him, like his face and arms but this new creature would be formed, sometimes in front of your eyes.

The most terrifying form of  G-Birkin is the third form, it's as almost as if the monster is grinning at you. Looking at you knowing how powerful it is and how weak you are compared to it, it knows it can kill you.

Number 5
IT from Resident Evil 4

A creature only known as just that......

What is this thing? It looks human so was this thing formally human and mutated through all sorts of experiments?

Whatever the story is I don't want to know, all I know is that this thing scared me to death when I faced him in RE4. I hope to god we do not see any more of IT in the future.

Number 4
Nemesis from Resident Evil 3
What makes a monster more terrifying than just being tall and ugly?

A monster that has a purpose, that purpose being only to hunt you down.

Nemesis is the ultimate B.O.W. soldier, he can be controlled and is a monster with a mission, to hunt you down and to kill you.

He stalks you throughout Resident Evil 3, he's fast,strong and knows exactly where you are. You really do not stand a chance against him at all, you don't know when he'll show up, you don't know where he's coming from. He'll show up at any time and he will charge at you ready to tear you apart.

Oh and he turns into this...

Number 3
The Plague Crawler from Resident Evil 0

The Plaque Crawler from Resident Evil 0 is almost 2 meters long, with sharp claws to dig deep into any human being and claw out your insides.

These things had strength in numbers, almost every time you would come across these creatures there would be multiple Plague Crawlers. A giant insect with sharp claws that can dig right into you with ease.

Number 2
Lisa Trevor from Resident Evil REmake

Lisa Trevor from the REmake, a poor girl with a very tragic backstory to how she came to be this hideous being.

Lisa from the REmake cannot be killed, the only thing you'll hear when she's coming to you is the sound of the chains locking her feet together drag along the ground.

What also terrified me about Lisa is the fact that to cover her face is the faces of her victims, including her mother's face. She would remove the face of her victims and use those faces to cover her now malformed face, that detail alone lets your mind race with all sorts of terrifying images.

Another thing that terrified me about Lisa is the way she walks towards you. It looks like an innocent child limping to you for help, but this innocent child is a monster ready to kill you.


Number 1
The Regenerator from Resident Evil 4
The Regenerator from Resident Evil 4 is the thing that terrified me the most. It's soft moaning, tall stature and the fact that it is pretty much invincible.

You can shoot the head off, the arms off, the legs off and even blast a hole through his chest, it will still come at you.

Although it does move slow through the hallways of the lab you find these things in, if they get close to you or reach out to grab you towards them. Their jaws open wide, eyes glow red and rip apart your throat with such animosity.

Whenever you hear them breathing......well you know what's around the corner.....


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

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