Jason Rubin On Console Power

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Jason Rubin, Co-Founder of Naughty Dog and Former THQ President has given his thoughts on the power of both consoles, he was asked about the PS4 and Xbox One hardware power on Twitter by a user named 'NOVA' and this is his response.

Then when asked for clarification, this is what he responded with.

I agree with what he's saying.

What he's saying is that even if either console was more powerful than the other, the experience with the console is what matters the most, not the power. If the developer can not take advantage of the developing power that the console offers them and we end up with a game with terrible gameplay or has many glitches and errors, console power will not matter if the experience is terrible.

The games available, the price of the system, the overall experience on the console itself regardless of power that makes it the better console. Not hardware power, it's something that has been proven over and over again through the course of time.

A good example is the Atari Jaguar when it came out, it was at the time the more advanced console on the market but the experience on it was terrible,the games looked awful and they played horribly, you can look up the Angry Video Game Nerd on Youtube to see exactly what I'm talking about. Even Spoony from That Guy With The Glasses who played The Highlander Game on the Jaguar is a good example how powerful console specs do not matter if the experience on said console is terrible.

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