My Thoughts On The Xbox One DRM Petition

Good morning folks.

Before I go on with this blog I want you guys to realize, no I am not an Xbox Fanboy, no I am not a Nintendo Fanboy, no I'm not a PC fanboy and no I'm not a Sony fanboy.

I play on Nintendo consoles, Microsoft consoles, Sony consoles and PC.

With that said, let's get onto the subject at hand.

A petition has been made asking for Microsoft to bring back the policies that consumers were not a fan of, wanting the same policies back so they can get the features they lost when the DRM policies were reversed.

This is what the petition says.

"This was to be the future of entertainment. A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses. Essentially, it was Steam for Xbox. But consumers were uninformed, and railed against it, and it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty."

"We want this back. It can't be all or nothing, there must be a compromise."

I agree with the compromise, in fact there are some users on Google + that are saying that we should be given the choice to opt in or out of the DRM policies. However, games that you own and no longer want to play, the only thing you could do was GIVE the game. It was a one time deal with sharing and giving games to your friends and family. It was a one way and one time gift only scenario.You could share it with members in a family plan but not everyone had access to it at the same time, like Major Nelson said in his interview with Angry Joe.

"Think of it as a library, like the way it works today. If we're in a family, you're dad I'm the son, if you buy it, I can actually check it out and play it or you can play it. Think of it as like one person at a time, like the way it is today."

"Joe:But you can't play it simultaneously?"

"Nelson: Well if there's split-screen you can, it's not like you're buying one copy for all ten family members."

Also the option of selling or sharing those digital licenses was up to the publisher of the game, so if Activision said no to allow the digital sharing or selling of said game then you couldn't do it.

Anyway, back to the petition.

There are some in the comments in the same petition that say "it should at least be an option."  Some even on Google +.

Yes that is something I can agree with.

However it is the thought of others that only want the original DRM policies back that do not speak of making it an option, those need to realize is that the fact that you could not opt out of the DRM policies was the reason why people did not like the Xbox One. You do not want to only limit the Xbox One to be an always connected device because there are those that do not have internet and do not have reliable internet connections. You restrict the access of your console to a lot of people, if there is any Xbox fans out there right now but do not have an internet connection, they're going to be discouraged from buying an Xbox One because of that fact. The console loses value if you can play it but ONLY if you have an internet connection.

For example, for the longest time in my house when I was young, we didn't have internet, we only had a phone and cable, we had a computer but it couldn't connect to the internet because we could not afford internet. We didn't get a new computer or internet until I was about 12 or 13, now if that same situation was still going on today and the Xbox One was released, I could not play the Xbox One because of it's always online requirement.

In that meantime though I was able to play my Nintendo 64. That was something that I could enjoy without an internet connection. My friend's Xbox 360 for the longest time didn't have an internet connection but he was still able to play games like Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption and Halo 3. In fact I also didn't have access to the internet when I got my 360 because we didn't have the proper cords to connect it to our router and the console was before the Slim so no access to WiFi, I still enjoyed playing Halo 3 because of the fact I didn't need an internet connection to play it.


There is also another force supporting this petition which actually makes me ashamed of some of the Sony community. There are Sony fans that are signing the petition to sabotage the competition, some comments that they make are comments like...

"I'll sign to help PS4 so we have no stupid people on the same console as me."

"I love restrictions. I want always online DRM. I want the game rental business to become obsolete. I don't want to let my friends borrow games, because f- them. All I care about is my god damn new age console that'll blow everything else out of the water! F- the PS4 and f- those Sony guys for catering to fans who care about their gaming experience. F- PC, that s- is stupid. Steam? f- that s-. They never have sales or anything. It's not as affordable as buying my games from the XBL marketplace. I love Microsoft and their business practices will be the best forever. F- yes. <3 Xbox."


It's not just on this petition, it's on other petitions that want the DRM policies back.

It disgusts me that some Sony fanboys are actually signing this petition to sabotage the competition. That is the lowest of the low that I have ever seen in the console wars. Do the console wars really mean that much to you that you are willing to sign a petition to bring back unpopular policies so that way anyone who has pre-ordered an Xbox One, because of the DRM policy reversal then start to lean towards purchasing a PS4?

That is the most pitiful thing I've ever seen.

I support the ones who are signing the petition in hopes of having the option to opt in or out of the Xbox One DRM policies. Because really if you have a console that can do the things of a PC with digital distribution like Steam and the flexibility and trading options of a console like it is today, that is a console that everyone can enjoy. That is a console with value.

Sony fans and Microsoft fans, if you're signing this petition to.....

A. Only bring back the DRM policies.

B. To turn customers away from the Xbox One so that way they begin to lean more to buy your console instead.

Please stop and think of everyone else that still wants to play the games of the Xbox One but do not have an internet connection and likes to lend, share and resell their games and likes to do so with physical discs.

For those that sign this petition in hopes of having the option to opt in or out of the DRM policies, then I shake your hand. You're the ones that are doing the right thing by wanting to give others the choice to lend, share and resell physical copies of games and digital copies of games.

Those are my thoughts on this petition.

Thank you for reading.

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