Star Wars:Battlefront(2004) Review

Evening everyone.

Today we're heading back 9 years. We're taking a look at the ever so popular and now returning Star Wars series of the 6th generation in console gaming.

Star Wars:Battlefront.

Instead of going over the Story aspect of Battlefront I'm going to jump right into the Presentation and Gameplay .


Graphically, Star Wars Battlefront looks good, not great but good.

Star Wars fans will remember the environments from the six films but these maps do not have great texture design. If you want a Star Wars game with great graphics then I suggest you search elsewhere because Battlefront is not strong with the Force in the graphics department(it's ok if you groan at that joke).

However aside from graphical weakness the environments do a great job at resembling the famous planets we've seen in the films, such as Geonosis and Naboo. The maps vary in all types of range engagements, in one instance you may be fighting in close quarters but then you will be tossed into a long range engagement.  Each map is diverse in that regard.

It's a treat for fans of the Star Wars universe but others might be turned away from the lackluster environments.


Now when we talk gameplay, this is where Battlefront truly shines.

Battlefront is a 3rd person conquest based action game.....a great 3rd person conquest game.

You get to operate some of the most iconic vehicles of the Star Wars universe and battle memorable and iconic characters of the Star Wars universe.

You can become a one man army, mowing down enemy after enemy after enemy and still come out alive and help your team to victory. It is a game that rewards both the K/D addict and the objective minded player. Both types of players will be rewarded for their efforts as both player types can win the game for the team.

In Battlefront there are two ways to win. Capturing key spawn points of the map or Command Posts or eliminating the enemy army.

Command Posts are useful for you control as one Command Post can be used for players to get closer to the enemy and flank the enemy position, taking complete control of the battlefield, which is something I strongly recommend you to do.

If you can't capture the Command Posts then you can resort to killing every member of the enemy force. This is no small task though as the enemy team can have a large amount of soldiers to use in the game.

150 to 200 to 250 soldiers can be used in game and the scales can be tipped to either side almost instantly if an enemy team does not perform well. With that said either team that has a small amount of troops left can still win the game if you and your team can play their cards right.

The AI for your team and enemy team perform adequate enough to where even on the Easy difficulty you will still have a challenge, and that's something I love about Battlefront, the challenge.

The challenge is great and beating said challenge is very satisfying, pushing you to step out of your comfort zones and doing some incredibly ridiculous and amazing stunts.  Running behind enemy lines and stealing one of their own vehicles to use against them or running through a massive firefight of both infantry and vehicles to capture Command Posts for your team.

If you love to be rewarded for being your own soldier with your own playstyle, then Battlefront is for you.

The Verdict

If you are a Star Wars fan, you will enjoy this game.

If you are an action game fan, this game is for you.

Battlefront offers one of the best Star Wars action game experiences I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying in the longest time. In five minutes of playing this game I was already having so much fun, much more than I can say about COD.

It lets you be your own soldier no matter what your playstyle and you can come out on top despite how insane some of your moves in combat was.

It's 9 years old though so keep in mind this is no COD or Battlefield but for it's age and what it offers, it's still a great experience.

I give Star Wars Battlefront an 8 out of 10.

Thank you for reading, join me next time when I review the original Left 4 Dead.

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