Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare DLC Review

Good afternoon everyone.

Seeing as it's the last few weeks of Summer vacation for many people and seeing as how Red Dead Redemption was in my Top 7 Games to Play Over The Summer list.

It's a rather gloomy day here in Southern California.

I figured what the hell, let's shoot down zombies in the old west.

This is the review of the DLC for Red Dead Redemption.

Undead Nightmare.


John Marston is with his family one evening when Uncle comes back from his trip into town.

Something seems to be very wrong with him when suddenly he attacks Abigail and Jack. Abigail is bitten and in turn bites Jack, both seem to be clawing at John, John hog ties both Abigail and Jack.

John leaves to find answers about what's going on. It turns out that all of Austin is being attacked by the dead, citizens are turning into these creatures and attacking others, creating mass panic.

John then leaves to scour Austin and Mexico to find answers and save Austin from the End of Days.


Undead Nightmare has a dark and eerie atmosphere. The sun is blocked out with dark clouds and storms, the towns are burning down and filled with legions of the undead.

The forests you once explored with lush green textures are not filled with fog and sounds of the undead, both man and beast.

The majestic creatures of the forest are now missing bits and pieces of flesh and you can even see the bones of these creatures, even the horses, sometimes you'll see a majority of the skin but you'll also see the bones.

It's an atmosphere heavy DLC that doesn't simply put in zombies into the game, it sets you into the atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse in the old west.

Even the map color has changed, the areas of land are now sickly green and the rivers of the map to Austin is now represented as rivers full of blood.


Undead Nightmare plays like the original game but brings in elements from a survival horror game and elements from an old school zombie movie.

Ammo is scarce, rare to find and hard to maintain due to the large amount of the undead roaming the towns and deserts of the once beautiful lands of Austin.

The zombies you encounter are strong and fast. These zombies will charge right for you, however you cannot fill them with lead like you would with bandits and outlaws, you instead must aim for the head or set the zombies on fire.

There are also different types of zombies that are capable of killing you. Standard zombies that run and try to bite you, charging zombies that can knock you down allowing other zombies to run up and kill you with ease and zombies that crawl fast on the ground to spit a toxic green ooze at you.

The way you scavenge ammo is by loot the bodies of the dead or completing tasks for random surviving NPCs.

Towns in Red Dead Redemption will come under attack from the undead from time to time, you need to ride out to save that town from the undead or the town will become overrun with the undead, lessening the amount of supplies you can scavenge for yourself to survive in the apocalypse.

The more towns that are saved from the undead and the more NPCs you help in your journey the more supplies you'll have in order to take out the legions of the undead.


When you purchase the Undead Nightmare DLC you get a new co-op survival mode where you and 3 other players must survive as long as possible against wave after wave after wave of zombies.

However there's a twist. You want to have as much time available at your disposal, if time runs out then the game will head into Sudden Death, the zombies will now be more powerful, being able to take hit after hit after hit, even from the strongest of weapons and will be able to kill you in one or two hits.

Coffins will appear at random locations, opening these coffins will grant you and the players with more ammunition and time to kill the zombies.

Another coffin will spawn with a special weapon, if you want another weapon to kill the zombies you might need to rush to the special coffin as fast as possible, your teammates might not be as generous and take the coffin every time it spawns.

The mode is loads of fun, gathering your friends to kill wave after wave of zombies with six shooters, repeaters and sawed-off shotguns, what more could you ask for?

The Verdict

Undead Nightmare is a great piece of DLC for Red Dead Redemption.

Turning Red Dead Redemption into a survival horror open world RPG set in the old west. It's worth every penny that you pay for the DLC.

10 bucks for a zombie old west shoot 'em up?

You'd be doing yourself a disservice by NOT getting this DLC.

Undead Nightmare gets an excellent 4 out of 5

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