Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3:Mutant Nightmare(2005) Review

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Today we're going back to 2005 to review the 3rd entry into the fighting game trilogy from Konami.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Mutant Nightmare.

Keep in mind however I will be reviewing this game as a stand alone game, I will not be comparing it to the previous 2 entries because I have not played the past 2 games.


The missions you play in the game is based off of the third season to the TMNT animated series of 2003.

The story is broke off into 3 episodes, each episode will have a specific enemy to face with it's own specific areas to explore, based off of the episodes seen in Season 3. The story is told through clips from the TV show and in game animated cutscenes.


The graphical presentation of TMNT 3 although is fun, representing a comic book like style, is bland.

You will see the same texture designs, same vehicles, same buildings, doors, boxes and environment in the game. If you're playing missions set in Episode 1 taking place on the streets of New York, you will see the same alley ways, the same streets, looking at the same street poles and same cars, only with a different color.

The levels are empty with nothing going on in the world around you, leaving only enemies to fill these spaces, following a set pathway with nothing obstructing your path except a group of enemies.


The gameplay much like the graphics of the game is also bland.

Extremely linear with a heavy emphasis on the phrase 'Rinse and Repeat'.

The game has a very simple combat system, repeatedly press the weak attack button for swift attacks and repeatedly press the strong attack button for slow yet devastating attacks. Weak and Strong attacks can be upgraded with new combos to prolong the attack against an enemy, to do this all that is required of the player is pressing the button for that specific attack repeatedly.

You can upgrade your combos for the turtle you choose to use by collecting crystals that are dropped by defeated enemies and finding hidden scrolls that will give a turtle of your choice an added bonus like increased attack power or increased health. If you're playing alone you can allocate all the perks and combo upgrades to yourself, rather than your AI companions.

You're moving through corridors of environments, there's nowhere else to explore except the path set out for you by the developers.

Enemies you face are recycled, the only difference being between the enemy is the color on their clothes or the weapon they're using, if you're facing one group of enemies in the first mission, that is the set enemy for the rest of the missions in the episode you're playing on.

The game does try to spice things up with shooting gallery like missions to play on but these don't refresh the experience and is instead very difficult for players to keep a track of what's going on in the mission and when a projectile is about to hit them. You simply spam the attack button at everything on your screen.

Like I said, Rinse and Repeat. It is an extremely linear game.

The only thing that was enjoyable about the game is the bonus game you get to play.

TMNT:Turtles In Time.

Yes, if you got a copy of TMNT 3 you would get Turtles In Time. That was the only thing I enjoyed about this game, Turtles In Time was on the disc.

The Verdict

TMNT 3:Mutant Nightmare is a bland game.

The graphical presentation of the game is colorful yet the same environments and colors are seen in the rest of the missions you play on in each episode. The gameplay is extremely linear, rinse and repeat is the only thing to summarize the gameplay design of the game.

The one good thing to be said about the game is the fact that TMNT: Turtles In Time came with Mutant Nightmare.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3:Mutant Nightmare gets an unimpressive 4 out of 10

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