EA Raises The Price of Next-Gen Games In The UK(Grain of Salt Needed)

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According to the UK retailer GAME, EA has raised their prices for next-gen titles. However, take a grain of salt when reading this.

It has been spreading like wildfire online right now, EA is raising the price of their next gen games. So far the only region confirmed that is getting this raised price is the UK.

The UK based retail outlet known as GAME(UK's version of Gamestop) has confirmed that the price of next-gen titles from EA for both the PS4 and Xbox One will be raised from £39.99 to £54.99.

The news came from GAME themselves in a Q&A about the next generation of home console gaming. TechRadar caught wind of the Q&A, where GAME rolls out the pricing of next-gen titles, stating.

"At present, the only publisher to confirm costs of their next generation games are EA, attaching a price of  54.99 pounds. No other game prices have been confirmed. We will of course update our listings as and when this happens. And if the price changes before release day, you will always pay the lowest price."

There are so many news outlets that have covered this story, this story is everywhere.

This was the source I used: http://www.cinemablend.com/games/EA-Raises-Prices-Next-Gen-Games-54-99-57437.html


Take a grain of salt when reading this.

There is a good possibility these are placeholder prices, there hasn't been a release date confirmed for the next gen releases of EA games like BF4, the only release dates confirmed is for the current generation versions of games like BF4. BF4 for the 360 on Amazon.co.uk is only priced at 40 pounds with a release date of November 1st, meanwhile the Xbox One edition is priced at 55 pounds with an unconfirmed release date.



If this is true and EA does raise these prices for the next generation of titles, there's a possibility that EA will raise the prices here in the US, if that does happen then we could start seeing games like TitanFall and Battlefield 4 for as high as 80 US dollars.

This is EA we're talking about here, this is what makes this story believable. This is the same company that won the title of Worst Company in America for two years straight and the same company that if you bought any of their games used that had online multiplayer, you would have to pay an extra 10 dollars to play the multiplayer, you essentially got half a game if you bought the game used.

However these prices are subject to change as time goes on, like I said there's a possibility that these are placeholder prices.

Thank you for reading everyone, hope you have a good day.

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