Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: Executioner 28 Gauge Buck-Shot Revolver

Hello everybody.

We're going to be looking at the much maligned revolver of Black Ops 2.

The Executioner.

The Executioner, other wise known as the Taurus Judge.  The Taurus Judge was a double-action revolver, originally introduced in Brazil in 2010.

The Taurus Judge is a 5 shot double action revolver that was designed to fire the .45 Colt cartridge and .410 Bore Shot.
The Taurus Judge only comes in two models, the 4410 model and the 44510. The Judge outside of California, due to the National Firearms Act of 1934, is not considered a short-barreled shotgun. In California, according to state law, The Taurus is considered illegal to own.

The model in Black Ops 2, is a short barreled 28 gauge revolver based on the design of The Taurus, but wasn't made into production, instead was only introduced 2011 and was discontinued. The 2010 Taurus Judge is still in production today.


In game, The Executioner is a high damage, high-recoil, low range shotgun revolver and is unlocked at Level 31.

Damage as stated earlier is high, firing 8 pellets per shot with each pellet dealing 30 units of damage up close and 6 at a distance. The damage profile is identical to the S12, however the S12 is the weapon with more range.

However if you use Dual Wield, the range damage is lessened, but only the range damage. Instead of 6 units, the Executioner deals 5 units of damage per pellet, resulting in the range damage profile going from 48 to 40.

Magazine capacity is very small, at only 5 rounds.  The capacity cannot be increased, unlike most secondaries.

Reload time is slow, although will vary based on how many shots fired from the revolver.. 1.77 seconds for the first shell, 0.6 for the next 4 shells and 0.85 seconds to close the cylinder, if you empty the magazine you're looking at a total of 5.02 seconds. With fast mags the reload time is cut down to 2.55 seconds, with your character putting a whole new group of shells in the magazine all at once.

Range is quite low.

You'll be dealing your maximum amount of damage under 3 meters, dropping of to 10 units of damage at 5 meters, dealing the minimum of 6 units of damage at 11 meters and loosing any ranged damage past 12 meters.

For reference, I used a dummy player (guest profile with me controlling the character I took the liberty of doing range tests on the Executioner, without the Long Barrel and with the Long Barrel, forgive the audio lag, all I had available to record was the theater mode of the game.

Without Long Barrel
With Long Barrel
Long Barrel increases the maximum range from 11 meters to 13.

Recoil is high, kicking high up to the right but might be seen as a blessing as you might get a head shot from firing, although do not be afraid to spam the trigger in close quarters.

The iron sights on the Executioner are decent, not exactly sharp or accurate so much as short and usable.

My experience with the Executioner is a mixed bag. One moment I love the weapon, the next I hate it. It saves my life, fails to help defend myself.

It's probably the only Secondary that NEEDS to be used as a Secondary in order to work. It's not a weapon you want to use solo, it's a weapon that needs to be used as a last resort or a weapon to clear out small rooms and corridors.

It is a very unique weapon to the COD universe but it's a weapon that only succeeds in close range engagements.

So today I will not be recommending a class set up, I will be recommending attachments to use for the gun and primary weapons for you to use with the Executioner as a secondary.


Laser Sight(Unlocked at Level 3)
The Laser Sight is a very useful attachment, the hip-fire spread is greatly reduced and is as accurate as aiming down the sights. You will be able to achieve many one shot kills up close hip firing using the Laser Sight.

Long Barrel(Unlocked at Level 4)
Long Barrel is a good attachment for those seeking to enhance their range ability, although Long Barrel doesn't grant a great advantage, it still does aid in many situations.

Dual Wield(Unlocked at Level 9)
Dual Wield is that fun attachment to use in close quarters, you'll have a total of 10 powerful shots at your disposal and be able to dispatch multiple opponents. If you're feeling adventurous, this will be a fun attachment to use.


Pair the Executioner with the...

FAL OSW(Unlocked at Level 22)

SMR(Unlocked at Level 46)

SWAT-556(Unlocked at Level 10)

and the entire LMG tier.

It swaps as fast as any other secondary, so you'll be ready and able in a moments notice to mow down opponents, just make sure it's at close range.

The Verdict
The Executioner is a powerful secondary, it lacks range and has a short magazine, but makes up for it with dominating close quarter power and fast handling like any other secondary.

It's a weapon meant to be only used as a secondary and nothing else. There are only a few attachments to equip on the weapon itself, but it is a weapon that fills in the gap that other weapons cannot close with their lack of CQC ability.

I do not recommend it to use extensively as most other secondaries, I do recommend it to the adventurous players out there to use.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and you've learned something useful.

Join me next time when I will be reviewing the hit English Detective Drama show, Sherlock.

Until then, farewell.

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