Sony CEO:"PS4 Is First and Foremost A Video Game Console"

Afternoon everyone.

Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said today during the D:All Things Digital Conference, in a briefing with reporters after his stage appearance, Hirai stated "The most important thing" was to ensure the next gen console appeals to gamers.

The Verge quoting Hirai states.

"We take a look at this first and foremost as a game console, we don't want to end there. That's an area we wil obviously reveal and talk about in coming months."

Today, in an interview with CNBC today, Hirai also hinted at other unannounced services coming to the PS4.

"I think that with any Playstation platform launch and certainly with PS4-we want to make sure we have the best and compelling games that we bring to our consumers and fans through both our first-party studio products as well as from our third-party partners,"

"That obviously, in this generation  if siftware and hardware, is going to include a lot of social aspects [and] a lot of networks aspects as well. But I think we've been synonymous with bringing compelling gaming experiences to customers around the world and PS4 is no exception."

This might mean we're going to be seeing some Facebook intergration or Google + integration but let's hope that during the Sony E3 press conference that Sony keeps a focus on gaming and not new gadgets and features on how to watch TV or be the talk by the water cooler.

Sony might have some PR nightmare like Microsoft if they focus they're conference on the features of the console that does not involve gaming.

Personally I'm looking forward more to Sony's press conference than I am Microsoft's. Microsoft failed to hype up me and others like myself to see more of the Xbox One's gaming capabilities as they advertised the console as a cable box that can also play games. Negative PR is surrounding the Xbox One and Sony's PS4 is being seen as the "White Knight" in this next gen. some have claimed.

Sony has an opportunity to come out of this as the hero of the next generation, let's hope they take advantage of this opportunity

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