Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides:Peacekeeper Sub-Machine Gun Weapon Guide

Good evening everyone, welcome back to the last SMG weapon guide for Black Ops 2.

Today, we're going to be looking at the SMG-AR hybrid.

The Peacekeeper

Weapon Profile

The Peacekeeper is actually an entirely fictional weapon, although it aesthetically strongly resembles the AAC Honey Badger PDW as shown above.

In game, the Peacekeeper is supposedly manufactured by the fire arm company Arbiter and is associated with the United Nations, more then likely designed for UN forces.

Depicted in game is also the cartridge fired, the 5.7x28mm round designed by FN Herstal.

Weapon Performance
In game, the Peacekeeper is a fully automatic, mid-damage, low recoil,slow firing, long ranged SMG and is unlocked if you purchase the Revolution map pack DLC or you played the Revolution trial that was released this weekend.

The Peacekeeper, in terms of damage is similar to most other SMGs. Dealing 33 units of damage up close and 19 at a distance, this translates to a 4 shot kill up close and a 6 shot kill at a distance.

It is the longest ranged assault rifle, dealing it's maximum amount of damage out to 35 meters and dealing the minimum amount of damage at 63 meters. This is the best SMG to be used at range, but not extreme ranges, a good example of the extreme range would be the spawn points of both team in TDM on the map carrier, take out all the debris, objects and bunker, shooting a target from your original spawn point to the other, the Peacekeeper will do it's minimum amount of damage.

Rate of fire is actually slow, as far as SMG standards are concerned. 750 RPM is the maximum fire rate, similar to the average fire rate of most assault rifles and the Five-Seven handgun.

Reload speed is quick at exactly 2 seconds if there are still rounds in the magazine and 2.5 seconds if you empty the magazine.

Magazine size is an assault rifle average, 30 rounds for the standard magazine and 40 with Extended clip.

Recoil is low, although the recoil will rise only an inch under an extreme amount of continuous fire. You can still accurately take out opponents at a distance with recoil not being a problem, just don't aim that high on your target and each shot should reach the desired destination.

Aiding you in accuracy is the open and sharp iron sights. With a bright red indicator in the middle prong of the front post with a ghost ring like rear post to lock you on target.

In my time with the Peacekeeper, I found it to be a reliable SMG to take out opponents in ranged engagements, not so much in some close quarter battles.

This had to be one of the only weapons where I unlocked the Gold camo challenges faster than any other weapon. Prior to the trial running out, I had reached the Kryptek Typhoon camo and 37 kills going to the Art of War camo before the trial ran out.

It was an SMG I used in many maps I would never normally use in certain maps, Carrier for instance was still proving it's worth in many ranged engagements.

For a class set up, we will be focusing on increasing range accuracy and keeping to the SMG's strengths.

Class Build

For this build you will need the Perk 3 Greed Wildcard

Equip the Peacekeeper with the Quickdraw Handle and Extended Clip

The Quickdraw Handle is equipped so you can quickly lock onto your target in mid and long range engagements.

Extended Clip will allow for you to take down more opponents, increasing magazine size and ammunition reserve supply. With superb accuracy, taking down multiple opponents with more rounds will come to be very useful.

For your Secondary.

Equip the TAC.45 handgun.

The Peacekeeper lacks close range ability, you don't want to struggle in close quarters with the Peacekeeper due it's slow fire rate, so the TAC.45 is there to finish off opponents in close quarters quickly and easily.

As for your perks

Flak Jacket


and Dexterity paired with Tactical Mask

Flak Jacket will keep you protected from explosive weaponry and equipment, you are still using an SMG so you will be doing a lot of running through the maps, Flak Jacket is there to make sure your sprint to your enemies position will not be interrupted.

Toughness is equipped to ensure you're not taken off target when being barraged by incoming fire from the enemy.

Dexterity is equipped so that after sprinting, your weapon is ready in an instant to take out the opponent that may have taken you off guard. Tactical Mask is equipped to protect you from tactical equipment that you may come across, nothing is worse than being blinded from your opponents when you're completely able to take them out with ease.

That's our build.

Resilient to explosive and tactical equipment and incoming fire from opponents and being ready to fire your weapon before your opponent.

The Verdict

The Peacekeeper is a hybrid weapon. Combining the agility and speed of an SMG, while being as accurate as an assault rifle in ranged engagements and almost as versatile as an assault rifle.

Would I recommend purchasing Revolution simply for the Peacekeeper? Not entirely.

However if you could purchase only the Peacekeeper, I would recommend it.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and you've learned something useful. Join me next time when I will be going over the Executioner Revolver(FOR REAL THIS TIME)

Until then, farewell.

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