EA announces the elimination of the Online Pass

Earlier this week EA has announced the elimination of the much hated Online Pass program. A program in which consumers had to input a code that came with the new copy of any EA game with multiplayer or online services.

However for consumers who purchased a used copy of an EA game, would only get half of the experience the game had to offer. For instance my friend let me borrow Battlefield 3, since he all ready used the online pass I could not purchase the multiplayer so I had to pay 10 bucks for a game I borrowed free from my friend, I rented Mass Effect 3 and could not access the multiplayer because there was no online pass, it would've cost 15 bucks simply to rent the game.

John Reseburg, EA senior director of corporate communications says "Yes, we're discontinuing Online Pass." and also stated "None of our new EA titles will include that feature."

Current EA games will still use the Online Pass system but future EA titles will not use the Online Pass.  Battlefield 4 for instance will not be using the Online Pass system.

The Online Pass for EA games cost 10 dollars, if a consumer had purchased a used copy of Dead Space 3 and wanted to play Co-Op with a friend of his(or hers) would not be able to do so unless that consumer paid an extra 10 dollars. A 20 dollar used EA game would instead be 30 to get the full experience of the game.

I have waited for this announcement for quite some time, many players across the globe hated the Online Pass, it was a program that essentially had more money coming in from game purchases, consumers that knew that an EA game needed an Online Pass to get the online experience or essentially the full game was to purchase a brand new copy of an EA game. If you didn't purchase a brand new copy and instead got an EA game used or from a friend, you would have to pay extra.

Me personally, I think they did this seeing as how in the public eye EA has been seen as the Worst Company in America and has quite literally won that title for 2 years in a row. You cannot treat your customers as your own personal piggy bank and our voice has finally been heard.

So what do you think of this guys?

Great news at last!


Too little too late?

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