Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: Skorpion EVO Submachine Gun Weapon Guide

Good evening everyone. Welcome to another entry into my Black Ops 2 weapon guides, today we will be going over the infamous stinger of the SMGs.

The Skorpion EVO.

Weapon Profile
The Skorpion EVO or Skorpion EVO III is the most recent product of the famous Czech small arms manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka Uhersky Brod(CZ-UB).

This weapon began design in 2002 in Slovakia as the Laugo submachine gun personal defense weapon, once the design became mature it was sold to CZ-UB which brought it to public attention in 2009 as Skorpion EVO III submachine gun. The weapon was originally targeted for the police market, but it also can found some use by certain military units. It is a blowback operated selective fired weapon that fires from a closed bolt, it has a separate hammer unit, with ambidextrous safety and a fire mode selector that offers single shot, 3 round burst and fully automatic firing modes.

Much like it's design in game the actual Skorpion EVO can fire at 1,100 rounds per minute, very deadly for a small device.

The Skorpion however has been seen before in previous COD titles but however there is a very obvious difference between this Skorpion and the Skorpion of the yesteryear COD.

Although in COD 4 this was a strong SMG, the later years of the Skorpion in COD was not bright, the Skorpion was not brought back in MW2, Black Ops had it at low damage, high recoil and a minuscule magazine size with low range and MW3 did the same thing. Although many people did fight to get akimbo the Skorpion was an otherwise dying weapon.

So this marks the return of the Skorpion, did it regain it's strength?

Weapon Performance
In game, the Skorpion EVO is a moderate damage, high recoil, fast firing low ranged SMG in the game and is unlocked at Level 46.

It deals 33 units of damage up close and 18 at a distance, this translates to a 4 shot kill up close and a 6 shot kill at a distance. Up close is the best area of effectiveness for the Skorpion, ranged engagements should be avoided if possible.

Range is low, your maximum damage for a 4 shot kill will only last until 8 meters and after that will lower to a 5 to 6 shot kill, Long Barrel will help in medium range engagements.

Fire rate is very fast at 1250 RPM, with Rapid Fire equipped(if you're a maniac) will increase the fire rate to 1800 RPM but with a Range penalty of 75% and massively high recoil.

Reload time is good at 1.9 seconds if you still have rounds in the magazine and 2.52 seconds if you completely empty the magazine, fast mags is highly recommended.

The magazine size is only 2 rounds bigger than the MSMC and Peacekeeper SMG, since the fire rate is high you will be burning through your magazine very quickly so it would be best to use Scavenger.

Recoil is high due to the fire rate, moderate if you equip the Fore-Grip. Aiding you in maintaining accuracy on your opponents is your rather clean iron sights.
An optic attachment will not hurt but it can be useful for tracking your target.

In my experience I found the Skorpion to be the best weapon to use in close quarters and was extremely fun to use, demolishing opponents in the blink of an eye either hip-firing or aiming down the sights.

I did find myself struggling at first with very little attachments to choose from but later got good standing on how to use this weapon and where to use this weapon, I found myself actually avoiding optic attachments in favor of attachments that made it a fast and hard hitting weapon. I also did experiment with it using it as a secondary for my sniper class and actually found it to be quite useful but medium range engagements were still an open gap not filled by the Skorpion.

This class build will focus on making the Skorpion deadly in CQC, firing from the hip and down the sights.

Class Build
First you will need the Perk 2 Greed and Primary Gunfighter Wildcard.

Equip the Skorpion EVO with the Foregrip, Fast Mags and the Quickdraw Handle.

The Foregrip will be used to decrease recoil and maintain maximum accuracy, Fast Mags is to make sure you are always topped up in every situation, especially when you are playing on the Nuketown 2025 map and the Quickdraw Handle is to make sure you snap onto your target quickly when you want to make sure each shot fired lands on your target. Primary Gunfighter will be required.

As for your perks.


Toughness and Scavenger

and Dexterity

Ghost will keep you hidden off of the UAV when mobile, you will be running a lot through the map just to reach your opponents, you don't want to be caught before you reach your target.

Toughness will ensure you are always on target when being fired upon and Scavenger will keep you supplied, your fire rate is high and you burn through ammunition quickly so it would be ridiculous to not use Scavenger.

Dexterity although not exactly the perk I wanted to suggest, turned out to be the perk the Skorpion needs to be successful in CQC. Your weapon is ready faster after sprinting so in the blink of an eye rounds and rounds will fill obliterate your opponent.

The Verdict

The Skorpion is the most deadly weapon in close quarter engagements, does lack range performance but makes up for it in the sheer dominating CQC ability, it is a weapon meant to be used to hit fast and hard to escape the area without a trace.

It will sting your opponents to death with it's deadly fire rate, making you the most formidable opponent at close range, shotgun users will have to ensure each pellet hits you or else they'll be left in the dust compared to the sheer amount of lead the Skorpion will spew to your opponents.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and you've learned something useful.

Join me next time when I'll be covering the South Carolina Special Election and reviewing Resident Evil 6.

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