What I think of the Call of Duty series.


Okay, look I understand how COD is the most hated series in the FPS genre and is also the most adored. Keep in mind I am not a die hard COD fan boy nor am I die hard Battlefield fan boy so keep the trolling to a minimum.

So with that said, CALL OF DUTY!!!
The FPS phenomenon, Call of Duty has been a very popular title in the First-Person community and is a game almost every gamer has in their library. Originally Call of Duty was a game series that primarily focused in World War II and then in 2007 then focused into the modern age of warfare.

Arguably the most popular Call of Duty in the series itself has seemed to be the original Modern Warfare.
The series since then has had 5 more entries into the series and most would agree that each game after the other (until Black Ops 2, IN MY OPINION) was getting worse and worse and worse.

World at War threw balance out of the window with the perk Juggernaut and the MP40, Modern Warfare 2 had shotguns as secondaries and many guns were either over-powered or obsolete, the perk Commando was regarded as the most annoying perk as players would be able to melee others at an astounding range, Black Ops forced a defensive play-style on players which resulted in excessive camping, the Ghost perk was over-powered and every single gun was a copy and paste while only the Famas was the king of the multi-player and Modern Warfare 3 was mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake.

Black Ops 2 was the first COD game to actually change the way we play Call of Duty and actually balanced the game, if you were to ask me what gun I think is over-powered I would honestly be stumped as now gun could actually be considered OP.

So with that said there has been several games and time for me to form an opinion on the series.

I both like yet hate the series for what it is and what it does.

I like the fact that it's a game anyone can play, it makes it more accessible meaning you can have more and more friends playing with you making it all the more enjoyable. Yet with that said then you have everyone else who can't play an honest game who end up going to extreme lengths to hide in corners and make sure no one is able to kill that person.

I also like the fact that all you need to do to really enjoy it is start the game up and play any game mode that it has to offer and simply play it, it's that game where after a long day at work, back from school looking to unwind COD is there for you to pop in and enjoy.

I dislike the fact that it is the most popular game with kids younger than 17, I actually think the reason why myself and others dislike hearing a 8 year old over the mic is because they're the ones that complain the most and they're also the ones that accuse others of cheating the most. You piss off a kid he'll send you a message calling you name after name all because you played an honest game and if they're going to something else...

For example....

What I also hate about the series is how they market the game, no matter how many times you tell yourself "I will not buy a new COD game" you're going to end up being interested in seeing the new COD coming out and actually try it out and unfortunately you may end up enjoying it and end up buying it. Even now with Call of Duty:Ghosts coming out soon gamers across the globe are thinking to themself "I am not going to buy the new COD" but they know deep down they'll end up liking it and end up buying it.

It's a guilty pleasure, you know what you're getting into and you know how bad these games can actually be and you know how frustrating the game can be, yet you still went through with it and bought the game.

It's a love hate relationship with this game, that probably goes for everyone who plays this game. I like it for its simplicity and its easy to play design at points but I also dislike it for its simplicity and its easy to play design. It makes it all the more easier for someone to come in and ruin the game for you while also making the game more enjoyable.

Thank you for reading.

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