Violent Game Tax: "No Problem!"

Hello everyone, let's go back to the subject of the "Sin Tax" the tax increase on sales of M rated games.

Awhile back Dianne Fienstein, Senator of California, had proposed a "Sin Tax" which would be a 10% tax increase on violent video games. This subject has been brought up again as Vice-President Joe Biden in a meeting with religious leaders, said that there would be no legal problems in taxing violent media.

Something that wants to be done is that the revenue should go to research on studying the impact on young people who play violent games and watch violent movies.

Reverend Graham the religious leader that the Vice-President met with said that the funds derived from the taxes should go towards helping victims of gun violence, along with their families.

Now look we've been down this road before, some violent incident occurs and we find a scapegoat to use and not actually go down to the root of the problem and take out the root. Video games and violent media in general has been the scapegoat of all these tragic events, many people went on the news and internet saying that the reason why the Sandy Hook shooter did what he did was so he could "Out-Score every other mass murderer in history!"

It's a road that these politicians go down again and again for no good reason other than they know since violent games and movies sell more, they want to tax it so there's more money coming from it. Cigarettes for example are now 14 dollars a pack, this tax was made to discourage people from smoking due to the price and yes some have stopped smoking due to the price but others have continued to purchase cigarettes, that means more revenue from the people who buy cigarettes.

Also, just imagine how many ignorant soccer moms who know about this story are going "Oh yes this is a brilliant plan, so that way kids will be discouraged from playing these awfully violent video games."

We've been through this before, if you don't want your kids playing violent video games then don't buy them said game, there's a rating label on the box and on the box itself gives you a good idea of what is going on in the game.
In this situation, you can not argue "Parents don't have time to do that kind of research, parents can't monitor everything their child is exposed to."  Well then why don't we censor everything,seeing as how parents can't monitor everything we should censor everything and tax everything.

Don't want your kids to walk by the local bar? Change the bar sign to "Drinks for Grown Ups" instead of "Studio 51" It's ridiculous.

Again, the government is not meant to control what your kids are exposed to, it is you, the parent. The children for a majority of their life do not know right from wrong, decent from indecent, that is the job for you, the parent. Your 7 year old kid who asks for a new game and that new game happens to be Grand Theft Auto, you shouldn't blindly buy the game simply because your kid asked for it, you need to tell him why you're not going to get it for him and tell him what's wrong about the game and tell him why he isn't old enough to play that kind of game.

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Thank you for reading everyone.....-sigh- I have a feeling this isn't going to be the last time I cover something like this.

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