Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Special Classes: Daryl Dixon Build

Hello everyone.

Today we're going to build a custom Black Ops 2 multiplayer class to replicate the equipment Daryl Dixon(Norman Reedus) uses in the hit AMC television series The Walking Dead.

Class Build

The recommended level you should be before you begin to build this class is Level 45. You will need the Perk 2 Greed  Wildcard and Perk 3 Greed Wildcard.

The Crossbow isn't unlocked until Level 25 and the perk to complete this class isn't unlocked until Level 44. Another reason why is so you also get some time into using the Crossbow to unlock the attachment to closely resemble Daryl's crossbow in the show.

Equip the Crossbow and attach the ACOG Scope onto the Crossbow in order to resemble the scope/sight on Daryl's crossbow.

As for your perks.

Equip the Perk 2 and Perk 3 Greed Wildcards.


Toughness paired with Scavenger

and Dexterity paired with Dead Silence.

Lightweight is equipped to represent the lack of equipment on Daryl's person, as well as also  being there to represent Daryl's ability to quickly move through the area to keep an eye out for any Walkers that may be around the corner.

Toughness is equipped to represent Daryl's build and character, Scavenger is equipped to represent what Daryl does after he kills the Walkers in the area, taking out the bolts he fired into the Walker's heads now replicated by taking blue packs off of your opponent's corpse.

Dexterity is equipped to replicate what Daryl has to do when he is taken by surprise by a Walker . Dead Silence is equipped to replicate Daryl's need to silently pass through the area to not alert the Walkers is very important to survival and now you will be able to not alert your opponents to your presence, especially if they have head sets equipped.

Seeing as how you don't have a primary equipped, the Combat Knife will also represent Daryl's need for a close quarters weapon that doesn't alert the Walkers to Daryl's presence.

In turn, opponents will not find you on the radar when you kill your opponents when you use the Combat Knife.

The Verdict

This class is meant to tribute the infamous bad ass of The Walking Dead Daryl Dixon.

You're not meant to be the most powerful and able opponent on the battlefield, however it is possible to do really good in the match.

So if you're missing seeing Daryl be a bad ass on Sunday nights, this class will be there to replicate the bad ass characteristics that are Daryl Dixon.

In the show we see the survivors and Daryl face all odds, so in turn you will face all odds with the lack of flashy equipment and weapons you normally use.

Use this class to prove how much of a bad ass you are.

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