13 Year Old Teen Attempts Rape and then kills Mother over Call of Duty.

Hello everybody, today is the start of something new I'm going to try and bring in some news stories that have gone on in the week, political news and world news etc.

So today I'm going to start off with this very chilling and shocking story about a teenager  who got very furious with his mother, as she was taking away a copy of a COD game due to the teen  getting bad grades in school. The kid did not like this one instant,he got so furious he tried to rape his own mother and instead decided to shoot her multiple times with a .22 caliber Ruger rifle that was purchased by the mother for the child when he was 11 years old.

Apparently there has been some past events when the mother and son would get into an argument but would end up with the two patching things together and playing video games together, this day it was much much different and the kid went out of control and decided to viciously demonstrate his dislike of the mothers' choice to take away Call of Duty.

The mother was found stretched out across the couch with her pajama top undone and naked from the waist down.

Now a few things that might happen in the aftermath of this event.

1. The National Rifle Association is going to make some sort of ridiculous statement like  "The aggression came from the video game!"

2. The Gun Regulation debate will be sparked up again through this and many people who debate will use this story as an example either for gun regulation or a violent video game ban.

First of all I am pro-gun regulation, that does not mean I am against the second amendment and against people buying a gun, I am all for the second amendment I believe in people's entitlement to own a gun, but to where you are buying your child a gun, something that has the capability to kill somebody at the young age of 11, there's a problem. Would more regulation have stopped this from happening? Maybe, maybe not.

Secondly, the video game is not to blame in this situation, it has all ready been proven time and time again that violent video games do not create violent people or violent crime.

I am politically active and I will read something like this almost every other week but this story takes the cake. The thing I find wrong with this is that the parents decided to buy their child a LETHAL WEAPON!!!

Forgive me, it is ill to speak of the dead but the mom thought it was a good idea as a present to buy him a weapon? How stupid are you that you decide to buy your child a fire-arm?! Again I'm not against guns, but I am against a child equipped with such a deadly weapon like a rifle.

There is something really wrong in society where we are starting to arm the children with deadly weapons and somehow expect something like this not to happen, there was a story last week how a 5 year old had been given a .22 rifle and then while playing with it ended up accidentally killing his 2 year old baby sister, now the big problem I have with that story and this story is that the parents thought that it would be a good idea to buy their child a fully functional weapon that has the potential to kill someone.

Another thing that irritates me is that now people will also bring back the argument that the government is the one who should be parenting our kids to not do something like this, first of all it is not the government's responsibility to make sure your kids are doing the right thing, the parents are. Parents are supposed to be parenting these kids and be responsible for what their child is learning, what their child is taught, how their child behaves and what their child is exposed to in the world, the game is not responsible for the boys' rage and the parents should have thought clearly about buying a gun for their child as a birthday present seeing as how the mom and son were not ones to get along a lot of the time.

You are an irresponsible parent when you say the government is the one that should be educating your child on right and wrong and you're the one who bought them an M rated game when they were 9 or 12 years old.

For more information on this story head to the link below V

I will continue to do posts like these later in the future and see how this goes but until then I will have the Skorpion Evo weapon guide, Resident Evil 6 review and more later on in the week.

Thank you.

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