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The Partisanship Bubble

Well hello everyone,

I'm taking a crack at a political blog post, this may either get nasty very quickly or something that's rather sobering for many. Have you noticed that in politics today we are very divided? Many of you probably rolled your eyes and said to yourself or out loud "Gee, ya think?" and some of you sighed in sadness as it is very disheartening to acknowledge the fact that we are very divided when it comes to our politics.

How it has happened, I think, is from the one thing both the members of the Democratic and Republican party have in common, a bubble.

A bubble of selected information from a particular source of information and a group of friends or acquaintances that share similar political views and opinions.

Those on both sides have decided to escape into these bubbles, not wanting to have anything to do with the other people outside of their own bubbles. We do not want to put ourselves in the shoes of others, not understanding why they have the polit…

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