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Destiny 2 Review

Destiny 2 has been out for a few weeks now and after accumulating a good chunk of time in the game(even without completing the Raid) I figured now would be the time to give my thoughts on the game and how the game has improved since the original Destiny or if it has improved at all. To clarify, when I say original Destiny I also mean Vanilla Destiny. How the game was out of the box without any expansions or updates.

The Story that actually exists

So first, let's start out with what some of the criticisms of the original Destiny was and what Destiny 2 does differently.

In the original Destiny there was practically no story whatsoever. There was no motivation or context to what you were doing in the story in a majority of the missions you would partake in. Why were you going to the Moon? Why were you hunting the Fallen? Why were you going to Venus to find an old archive hidden away for centuries?

Your guess along with millions of other players and myself was just as good as everyone…

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