Resident Evil 6 Review

In 2012 we saw the announcement of Resident Evil 6, a new entry into the Resident Evil series.

Resident Evil fans were excited to see the next entry into survival horror from Capcom and were praying for the best in order to make up for the NOT survival horror game that was Resident Evil 5 and we all looked forward to an actual Capcom Resident Evil game instead of the atrocity that was Operation:Raccoon City.
I was eagerly awaiting Resident Evil 6 but once the reviews came in and the word was RE6 was not as good as it was made out to be.

So I waited for the price to go down, sale on Amazon decided to buy it. Was it worth it? Yes and no.

The story takes place in 2013, the C-Virus has broken out into the world and global genocide has begun.

The story is told through the perspectives of some of the more popular Resident Evil characters such as Leon and Chris, you will experience new locations and enemies based on which campaign you play.

The first campaign you start out with may leave you with questions about why another character was there fighting with you and why the character is in the same area or what that character was doing prior to meeting you. The next campaign you play will answer these questions and even reveal who really is behind the outbreak of the C-Virus.

There are a total of 4 campaigns and each is about 3 hours long so you're looking roughly 12 to 13 hours of Resident Evil, depending on difficulty and how fast or slow you're taking your time with the game. It's a good amount of game time and the story I found was very interesting, like I said the first campaign you may start out with could leave you with some questions, but the next campaign will answer your questions that you may have had.

You should however play the game in the order the campaigns are set up.


It's the best way to get the best story sequence in the game.

Visually, Resident Evil 6 shines in that aspect. When you consider how great Resident Evil 5 looked and then look at Resident Evil 6, the graphical differences are jaw dropping.

This game looks so good, it makes Resident Evil 5 graphics look bad. The attention to detail and style of RE6 is what made the game stand out for me, it's even the same engine that was used in RE5 so this is the upgraded engine. Imagine how Resident Evil 7 would look if they gave the same engine an upgrade.

I like the graphics very much and to me the graphical presentation and atmosphere of Resident Evil is what makes Resident Evil games stand out from every other game, it's graphical presentation. Each Resident Evil game has their own style and design to it which makes it unique, if it simply looked like every other game then the unique quality that makes Resident Evil what it is would be gone.

Graphics don't really matter in the grand scheme but the fact that they make RE6 as visually stunning as it is mattered to me and I thank Capcom for that.

I can't really state how strong or how weak the survival horror is with this game as each campaign is supposed to be strong in certain styles of gameplay.

Leon's campaign focuses on survival horror and goes for a more classic Resident Evil experience, Chris' campaign focuses on the action aspect and Jake's campaign is a combination of the two.

I did enjoy each campaign but it was Leon's campaign that coming to the end felt more like a Michael Bay monster movie rather than it did an actual survival horror game, however the elements that made Resident Evil the survival horror game that it was, was there.

Ammo was scarce and you had to maintain it wisely, herbs were stretched far apart so you had to avoid not getting hurt by a zombie and you explored dark hallways or were cornered by an insane amount of zombies and other creatures created by the C-Virus. It did stick true to that aspect and at times I became scared of what was next due to my insane lack of ammunition or low health, this is what made Resident Evil, the challenge of surviving, you would be presented with a difficult challenge to survive and when you would beat the challenge you would feel accomplished and that is a key element that Capcom brought back.

Unlike the last two RE games where you would pick up treasures or cash to upgrade weapons is now replaced with Skill Points, Skill Points come in different amounts based on enemy killed and secrets you found and can now purchase Skills, either increasing fire arm damage, defense or increasing the chances of picking up certain types of ammunition. Like the past two RE games these prices are steep and I recommend you play each campaign on Easy before you start to think about playing the game on Normal or any higher difficulty, the game becomes too challenging when you're facing massive B.O.W.s and your weapon can't do anything.

In terms of combat RE6 now allows you to move while aiming, also allowing players to melee opponents on command, dodge and even slide down an area while sprinting to take an enemy by surprise as you can aim and shoot while down on the ground. Dodging attacks on command as well and performing 'Quick-Shots' which makes your character fire their weapon quickly to a zombie or B.O.W. close by. It does take away the survival horror element of Resident Evil away slightly but for an action fan like myself, no game I've played has ever managed to put this kind of fluidity into a 3rd person shooter game and make it work.

Crysis couldn't pull off the sliding and shooting mechanic well but Resident Evil 6 pulls it off well and makes the game really fun when you pull off these kind of dodge combos together and see zombies and B.O.W.s alike fall to your stylish gun-ho approach to the situation. It becomes a very stylized action game still making it unique from other action games.

The Verdict
As a Resident Evil fan and an action fan I felt that Resident Evil 6 not only showed fan service with the survival horror aspects combing back to the series but also as an action fan getting some of the smoothest and stylish combat moves I have played in a game.

Resident Evil does good in giving veterans strong survival horror elements and also giving action fans strong action elements. It's a good combination of the two and at first you may see action stronger than survival horror, but after you play Resident Evil 6 it does prove to be a good balance between the two.

I give Resident Evil 6 an 8 out of 10

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed. Please join me for my next review when I will be reviewing Batman:Arkham City.

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