Jumping The Gun: "Xbox One is a failure!!"

Good evening everyone.

Now yesterday Microsoft held a press conference revealing the Xbox One.
People are saying they love it, some are saying that the console has all ready failed.

Slow your roll there internet. Now yesterday I put my 2 cents on what I thought about the conference, I want everyone to know that I DISLIKED THE CONFERENCE AND NOT THE CONSOLE.

We haven't seen any games played on the console itself so saying that the Xbox One is already a failure is like saying the Plasma TV in the store sucks because you weren't watching Spongebob on that TV.

We haven't seen any games being played on the console, yes I understand that a lot of us wanted to see games in the conference not how you can watch TV, but from what was shown was impressive entertainment wise.

We still haven't seen gameplay on the console, we don't know how gaming on The One looks like, we know what it can do aside from gaming, we haven't seen what it can do gaming wise, so chill.

I'm not a Sony fan boy nor am I a Microsoft fan boy, I've played the original Playstation to the PS3 and the original Xbox to the 360 enjoyed all 5 consoles.

Wait until E3 before you decide to say whether or not The One is a failure.

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