Top 7 Games to Play Over the Summer!

Good morning everybody, Nate here again and this time with a season post.

Summer vacation is coming around very quickly, the heat of the season is here all ready in California, finals are being studied and panicked over, so that means Summer Vacation is almost here.

It's also time for graduation for many people or the end of the school semester, so when Summer vacation finally comes around and you currently don't have any plans to go out of town to see family and friends, travel out of state to see the world or a concert of some kind. When you have spare time and you're a gamer what are some of the games that you should play over the Summer? Some of you might even be thinking "What game should I play that fits the season?"

That's where these games com in, I've looked over the games I've played over the last few years and I myself think that these games fit the season appropriately, due to the setting of the game and the fun I've had playing these games during the season, in fact most of these games I actually did play during the Summer time and of course some I didn't(you'll understand which ones when I list them) keep in mind though that some games I list will be just games to play in the spare time you may have and games where you would actually need that spare time to play them. There's something about them that makes them more enjoyable when you play them during a curtain time of the week and even a time of the season.

So without further delay, let's take a look at the Top 7 Games to Play Over the Summer!

Number 7
Dead Island(or DI-Riptide)
Although the Dead Island series is not considered the best game on the market, many reviewers and myself agree that it is still a fun game. It's still fun to create unique and deadly weapons to take on waves of the un-dead to decapitate their arms and heads with an amazing assortment of melee weapons. Now I mention Dead Island:Riptide because it recently came out and the reviews are in, Riptide is the same as Dead Island, isn't strong in the graphical or story department but still fun to play, but I say play the original Dead Island instead due to the area you will be at for a majority of the first few hours.

Why a Summer game? The setting. Dead Island takes place on although an island with a zombie apocalypse under way, takes place on a beautiful open island with pools, jungles and beaches.....loitered with the un-dead. When you're not at the beach or you're passing the time waiting for the ribs on the grill to cook, Dead Island will be a fun game to play over the summer while the fan in your room cools you off after mowing down waves of the un-dead.

Number 6
Fallout:New Vegas
When the day is winding down, you've come back from hanging out with your friends at the local swimming pool or their swimming pool in their backyard, dinner won't be ready for awhile, a good way to wrap up the day is to play some Fallout.

Why a summer game? You're in the Mojave Desert wondering through a scorched earth while listening to some of the country music on the radio.
Although the way you feel yourself will be far different from what your character is experiencing in the game, Fallout:New Vegas is a game that settles you down after a wild day in the sun through the music and the calm atmosphere of simply walking through the Mojave searching for your next quest, true you may experience many glitches and might not enjoy everything happening in the game, New Vegas is an enjoyable experience when you're walking through the Mojave listening to some of that good  ol' country music.

A Summer afternoon coming to end and the experience of Fallout:New Vegas beginning will be a good wrap up of the day.

Number 5
Red Dead Redemption
Pretty obvious why I put Red Dead Redemption on this list. Red Dead Redemption is the game that absolutely fits into the Summer season with the wild-west of Austin, the scorching heat of Mexico and shooting down bandits, vicious coyotes and cougars with your six shooter. It's the Summer vibe of the game that makes it best to play on some hot days.

Then you can go into the multiplayer, gathering your friends online, forming a posse and either taking out bandit camps or taking on the endless waves of zombies through Undead Nightmare.

It'll be a fun experience, I guarantee you that.

Number 4
Far Cry 3
If you've been living under a rock or haven't gotten around to playing it yet, a game you should play that not only fits into the Summer season theme and is also consideried the best open world RPG game, Far Cry 3 is something you should consider playing.

You're on a beautiful island, constantly wondering throughout forests, ancient ruins and caves filled with wild animals and pirates ready to kill you,while gliding high in the air over the island or diving down a waterfall, or riding a jet ski on the open waters.

When you don't want to deal with the heat outside it'll be a blast to instead play Far Cry 3, pick up a flamethrower and burn down crops of Marijuana. It'll be a blast and a good game to play during the season.

Number 3
Borderlands 2
When nothing is planned and nothing is going on for the next few days or weeks during the Summer, a good game to play would be Borderlands 2.

It doesn't quite fit in the Summer theme due to the many locations you'll be going through but then again some of the atmosphere music you'll be listening to and some of the areas you will see might actually suit well into the Summer theme. 

It's hours and hours and hours worth of some of the best loot collecting and bad guy blasting you will have during the summer and is worth every penny you pay for it.

You'll find yourself being sucked into the game to complete every side-quest you come across to find new and powerful guns doing god knows what, maybe you'll find a quad-barrel shotgun that fires rockets, maybe you'll find a golden revolver with no recoil and kills enemies in one shot. The possibilities are endless.

Number 2
Assassin's Creed III
On July 4th when you're waiting for the evening to come so you and your family can go see the fire works or waiting for the hot dogs to be grilled, AC III will be a good game to play over the Summer.

It's a game that fits into the Summer theme due to the open spaces and lush fields of The Frontier and it's a game that fits into the vibe and feel you experience during the first week of July. 

It is a good game and is packed with many things to do so even if you're not playing this during the 4th of July, it will still be a good game to play during the Summer non the less.

And the number 1 game to play over the Summer is..........


A theme park like city, vending machines with happy tunes, beautiful landscapes and scenery with a beach area filled with cheerful music to listen to while you explore the wonderful city of Columbia.

Bioshock Infinite fits into the Summer theme due to these things, when you're walking through Disney Land, what do you see? What do you hear? What do you experience? Almost the same thing that Infinite does when it shows you the world of Columbia.

Something that Bioshock Infinite does in a weird yet amazing way, when I first played Infinite I had the same feel of wonder and excitement when I went to Disney Land during my Grad-Night field trip. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying "Don't bother to go to Disney Land, play Infinite instead" no no no, if you can go to Disney Land, go to Disney Land.

When you're time is ample and you're hungry for a game that will knock you off your socks, Bioshock Infinite is that game. It is an amazing game that is being considered The Game of the Generation by many and is a strong contender for Game of the Year, when you turn on your PC, PS3 or 360 this Summer and you're looking for  a new and exciting game to play, Bioshock Infinite is that game you want to play over the Summer.


Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and during the Summer Break you will consider trying these games out. I know many of you may still be scratching your head over the reasoning why I chose these games but I hope that when you finally play these games during the Summer you'll understand.

Good luck to those who are currently taking their finals and a congratulations to those who are graduating this year.

I'm finishing up Resident Evil 6 soon so the RE 6 review might be up later this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon.

Until then, farewell.

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