Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: S12 Semi-Automatic Shotgun Guide

Hello everyone, and welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides.

Today, we're looking at the very unpopular shotgun of Black Ops 2.

The S12 Shotgun.

Weapon Profile
The S12 or Saiga 12, is a Russian 12-gauge shotgun designed in the 1990s. It's visual design is patterned after the Kalashnikov AK assault rifle series, like the Kalashnikov rifles the S12 is a rotating bolt, gas operated gun that feeds from a box magazine.

The Saiga-12 is manufactured by the arms division of Izhmash from Russia. It was previously imported into the US by European American Armories. The import contract expired in 2005, Izhmash still exports variants of the Saiga 12 through the Russian-American Armory Company.

The shotgun is capable of firing 12-gauge, 20-gauge and .410  bore shot.

Weapon Profile

In game, the S12 is a high damage, mid-ranged, semi-automatic shotgun and is available as soon you unlock Creat-A-Class at Level 4.

The S12 fires 8 pellets of buckshot per shot, each pellet does a total of 30 units of damage up close, adding to a total of 240 units of damage, assuming each pellet reaches target and 6 at range, making it a total of 48 units of damage, also assuming each pellet hits your target.

The maximum range until the pellets fired from the gun vanish is 13 meters, with the Long Barrel attachment increases this range to 15 and the Silencer reduces the range to 11.5 meters. Although the range is moderate to do the general amount of a damage, the range for a one shot kill is very low at 7-8 meters.

Rate of Fire is fast for a shotgun at 468 RPM, the other shotgun that shares this fire rate is the M1216 shotgun, however the M1216 only achieves this fire rate when it fires all 4 shots, when one shot is fired the M1216 is fired at a rate of 225 RPM.

Recoil is very moderate, kicking slightly upwards through continuous fire, the recoil can be managed with a controlled trigger finger.

Magazine size is decently sized, comparing to the KSG and M1216, the magazine size still cannot compete with the other 2 guns, 10 rounds is the standard size and 14 with Extended Clip.

Reload time is slow. With shots still in the magazine the gun reloads in 3.04 seconds, 3.70 if the magazine is empty, however you can cancel the reload at 2.32 seconds.

When you're not firing from the hip, the iron sights of the S12 are actually pretty clean.

My experience with the S12 was not a good one.

The S12 was a hit marker machine if anything else, I would have to fire a good 5-6 shots when the occasion called for it, even at close range. When I would get one shot kills or a kill in general I was relieved.

The weapon's problems wasn't the damage, it was the accuracy of the weapon. I knew it was capable of taking out opponents quickly, it was the range and way I was firing the weapon that didn't kill the opponents as fast as I did the previous group.

Sometimes I would kill an enemy in one shot or two very quickly, aside from those moments as said earlier, it might have taken 5-6 shots.

After much experimentation I finally got a hold of what to equip on the shotgun and what to equip in terms of perks.

This class set up will make sure you get close to your opponent and be able to be accurate when firing from the hip and aiming down the sights.

Class Build

You will need the Perk 2 Greed Wildcard and the Perk 3 Greed Wildcard.

Equip the Laser Sight and Long Barrel on the S12.

The Laser Sight will tighten up the pellet spread when firing from the hip, increasing the chances of a one shot kill from the hip and increasing the chances of general kills without worry of the pellets spreading too far off target.

The Long Barrel will increase the range of the S12, aiming down the sights greatly reduces your pellet spread, the Long Barrel helps your chances of taking out an opponent at range.

As for your perks


Toughness paired with Scavenger

and Dexterity paired with Extreme Conditioning

Ghost is equipped to make sure opponents cannot find you on the radar, you will be doing a great deal of running through the maps, you do not want opponents to be aware of your location if a UAV is up in there.

Toughness will keep you on target when you aim down the sights to take down opponents when you need to make sure all pellets reach your target.  Scavenger will keep you supplied with ammunition to take out opponent after opponent, seeing as how you may need to use a good majority of your magazine size to take out one opponent, you need as much ammunition as you can get.

Dexterity is equipped so you can be quick to fire the S12 when firing from the hip after sprinting. Extreme Conditioning is equipped to make sure you can get as close to your opponents as possible without needing to stop and regenerate your stamina.

That's our build, focusing on maximum accuracy and speed to reach opponents with ease.

On a side note, if you haven't unlocked the Ghost perk yet, Lightweight will be a good substitute for the time being until Ghost is unlocked.

The Verdict

The S12 is a powerful shotgun, but what it has in power it lacks in accuracy and fast handling.

It's a weapon meant to spam and take out multiple opponents, but one shot kills is not the weapon's strong suit.

When the weapon does work it is a fun weapon to use, but it is not a weapon for players looking to increase their K/D ratio or earn big score streaks.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and you've learned something useful.

Join me next time when I'll be covering the Peacekeeper SMG and the Executioner revolver.

Until then, farewell.

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