Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: SMR Semi-automatic rifle guide

Hello everybody and welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides.

Today, we will be looking at the strongest assault rifle in the tier.

The SMR.

Weapon Profile
The SMR is actually known as the Saritch 308 prototype bull pup designated marksman rifle. Designed to fire the .308 and 7.62mm cartridge.

The weapon was in development by Tusla Arms in Russia, the rifle was designed by engineer Alexander Shevchenko and design student Andrey Ovsyannikov.

The rifle is designed to be a test-bed for a new firing mechanism planned to be used in a modular weapon system ranging from carbines to light machineguns, the first working model was planned for late testing in 2010 and since there is no further information on the rifle, we have to assume that the test was a failure or did not perform good enough to be made in production. 

Weapon Performance
In game, the SMR is an extremely high damage long ranged semi automatic rifle and is unlocked late in your prestige at Level 46.

The SMR's damage profile is extremely high, as stated above. It deals a massive 59 points of damage up close and 49 at a distance, with this damage profile comes greater penetration through cover.

This translates into a 2 shot kill up close and 3 at a distance, however the 2 shot distance is extremely large at 38 meters, at 39 meters and further you're looking at a 3 shot kill.

Recoil is low to moderate. In the first few shots the recoil will not present a problem but if you rapidly pull the trigger then the recoil will raise up slightly and could take you off target. At long ranges you need to tame your trigger finger and recoil in order to take the opponents out at long sight lines, if you simply pull the trigger as fast as you can without considering the recoil you will quickly find yourself shooting thin air.

The fire rate is very slow at 535 RPM if firing with the SMR's standard semi-auto fire rate and 416 RPM if you use select fire to fire a fully automatic SMR.

Your magazine size is smaller than most assault rifles at 20 rounds and only 26 when you equip Extended Clip. Your reload speed does not assist you, with rounds still in the magazine, you are looking at a reload time of 2.75 seconds and 3.2 if you empty your magazine.

The iron sights of the SMR are decent but does not give a very good sight picture on targets, even with the white indicator in the middle of the irons. They're not as obtrusive as the FAL's iron sights but an optic attachment will not be a wasted point.

I found the SMR to be a very strong weapon(obviously) and performed really well with an optic attachment, especially with the Hybrid Optic attachment. What was difficult with the SMR is that on occasion the weapon would jam in the first shot. For those of you who are unaware of a Treyarch program is that Treyarch but into place a semi-auto trigger rate cap. if a semi-auto weapon is about to fire faster than the programmed fire rate then the gun jams and is unable to fire until the gun fires underneath the capped fire rate.

With the SMR you need to balance your trigger finger and make sure it fires at a brisk pace, a pace where you can take out the opponents quickly but not fire the weapon fast enough to increase the recoil and not jam the weapon. A well timed and measured 2 to 3 shots will prevent the gun from jamming and the recoil no longer a problem. 

For our build we are going to combat the sluggish reload time, take advantage of the high accuracy the SMR offers and take on opponents without loosing an accuracy.

Class Build

For this class you will need the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard.

Equip the SMR with the Quickdraw Handle, Fast Mags. and Hybrid Optic attachment. In order to ensure you are snap on to your targets quickly, able to hit opponents accurately from a distance and cut the reload speed in half.

For your secondary you should take in the TAC.45 with the Long Barrel attachment to ensure that opponents in close quarters and medium distances will be dead before they can cause any problems.

For your perks



and Tactical Mask 

Will make you mobile, able to stay on target through oncoming fire and unaffected by tactical equipment that may impair your sight.

This build will grant you accuracy at any distance and a secondary back up that will be as deadly as the SMR but in close quarter engagements.

The Verdict

The SMR is the strongest weapon in it's tier. Capable of taking out opponents at any distance with one of the fastest killing times, similar to the FAL.

Where as the SMR may perform sluggish in certain aspects, it makes up for it's lack of dexterity(pun not intended) with high damage and superb range performance.

A weapon that will compliment a marksmen's accuracy and trigger finger.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and have learned something useful.

My next weapon guide will be on the PDW-57 sub-machine gun.

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