Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides:Mk 48 Light-Machine Gun Guide

Hello everybody, welcome back to another one of my weapon guides for Black Ops 2.

Today we are going to be looking at the very deadly and the first weapon of the LMG tier.

The Mk 48 Light-Machine Gun.

Weapon Profile
The Mk 48 is a lightweight belt-fed machine gun that fires the NATO 7.62x51mm cartridge from a belt of ammunition. It is manufactured by Fabrique Nationale Manufacturing Inc., a division of FN Herstal based in the United States.

The Mk 48 has been developed in conjunction with the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) which has adopted the weapon and started its fielding process with special operations units.

SOCOM approved a requirement order for a new 7.62x51mm NATO round firing lightweight machine gun to replace the M60E4 and Mk 43 Mod 0 used by the United States Naval Special Warfare Command(NSWC) units.

The weapon is derived from the M249 and Mk 46 Mod 0 LMGs used by USSOCOM. and is currently in use by the US Army in Afghanistan.

This however is not the first time we have seen an MK based LMG in the COD series, in MW3 we saw the MK-46 variant.
A High damage rapid firing LMG that argued was considered the best LMG of the tier, I personally loved the MK-46 and had an amazing time clearing out corridors and rooms of enemies with this beast. Let's see how the Mk 48 holds up.

Weapon Performance
In game, the Mk 48 is a high damage, long ranged, slow firing low recoil LMG and is unlocked immediately with Create-A-Class. The Mk 48 deals 49 units of damage up close and 30 at a distance, this translates to a 3 shot kill up close and 4 shots at long range.

There is no map known thus far in Black Ops 2 where the Mk 48 will be turned into a 4 shot kill weapon. The 3 shot kill distance extends out to 88 meters, on any map currently in Black Ops 2 you will not need 4 shots to kill.

The recoil is low due to the fire rate capped at 625 RPM. The weapon will shake to the left and right but it will shake weakly and you will be able to stay on target even at long ranges even when holding down the trigger emptying your magazine.

Magazine size is very  large at 100 rounds and 135 with extended magazines, the balance with the magazine size is a long reload time, exactly 8 seconds. No matter how many rounds you have in the belt or you empty the belt of ammunition completely you are looking at 8 seconds every time. You can cancel the reload time at 5.42 seconds, if you are a master of reload canceling then the reload time will actually be slightly longer than some snipers.

Round penetration damage is high, firing through cover will almost be the same as firing the weapon on an opponent in front of you.

The iron sights of the weapon are bulky to say the least, some could get away with using the iron sights but with the muzzle flash and shaking recoil the irons might not be the best choice.
In my experience with the Mk 48 I found it to be a very strong weapon at all ranges, unfortunately the weapon could not perform well in CQC. The Mk 48 and most other LMGs have a poor hip-fire performance and combined with the reduced sprint speed your character suffers from and slow ADS speed of most other LMGs you will be able to mow down your opponents as easily as you would with most other automatic weapons.

I was able to be a very aggressive machine gunner for my team, taking down snipers and opponents behind cover to clear an area for my team to move forward and with the FHJ-18AA launcher as my secondary to take down UAVs, Counter UAVs, Helicopters and other enemy air craft or equipment such as the Dragonfire and AGR.

The Mk 48 is an effective weapon against man or machine in Black Ops 2, even most walls will not protect your opponent from the Mk 48's damage.

I've got 2 class builds today.


Equip the Mk 48 with Quickdraw and the Reflex Sight

Quickdraw will increase the aim speed of the Mk 48 and the Reflex Sight will enhance your accuracy to make sure you find your target easier, with more peripheral vision that the iron sights do not offer is a good advantage.

Your secondary should either be the SMAW or FHJ-18AA, both launchers will be useful for taking down enemy aircraft or enemy equipment, however the SMAW will be able to take out enemies as well. Which launcher you want to use is up to you but no matter what you should use a launcher able to take down enemy score-streaks to support your team.

For your perks you will need the Perk 2 Greed Wildcard

Hardline is your first perk.

Toughness and Scavenger

with Engineer as your last perk.

Hardline will reduce the amount of score you need in order to obtain your score streaks, seeing as how you have a massively high damaged weapon and you are able to kill many opponents easily and quickly so you could support your team with radar or invisibility from enemy radar instead and also treating yourself to some high score kill streaks such as the Loadstar or Swarm.

Toughness will make sure you stay on target and Scavenger will keep you supplied with ammunition for the Mk 46 and launcher so you can make sure both opponent and air craft will be unable to both kill your team and reveal where your team is.


Equip the Mk 48 with the Quickdraw Handle and the Reflex Sight.

However for your secondary equip the B23R with the Laser Sight to fill in the CQC gap that the Mk 48 is unable to fill.

Perk 2 greed is needed again.


Toughness with Fast Hands

and Dexterity

Will make you mobile, tough and able to switch between your Handgun and LMG in an instant to take on opponents at any range.

You will contradict what LMG users are unable to do in most combat situations.

The Verdict

The Mk 48 is a deadly weapon. Able to kill an opponent easy and quickly at long range with a large magazine and low recoil to clear out hallways and high traffic areas you will able to kill many opponents without any opposition (One of my many good games was 30 kills and 5 deaths)

It does have a slow reload, sprint speed and ADS speed but these can be countered with attachments, perks and player tricks such as reload cancelling that will make these ailments non-existent in practice with the classes I have suggested.

Thank you for reading I hope you've enjoyed, join me again later tonight for my Vector K10 SMG weapon guide.

See you then.

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