The Eighth Generation of Gaming:PS4, Wii-U and Xbox 720, my thoughts.

Hello everyone. For those of you know what today entails I wish you a happy 4/20 and for those of you who are having a regular Saturday, I hope you're having a good weekend thus far.


Back in February we a lot of us learned of Sony making an announcement, February 21st we saw the tech details and a few launch titles for the Playstation 4. We saw the new dual shock controller as well, which personally I like the design of it but I hope that we get some time before the console's launch to actually use the controller.
I am very curious as to what the touch screen will do and if it will actually enhance the game experience. I have an Xbox 360 right now and I love the controller so I hope the move from 360 to PS4 will be comfortable.

As for the tech behind the PS4 I'm not an expert in this aspect but from what I've heard it is a powerful PC, not as powerful as the current GeForce that was released this year but the PS4 performance will be slightly behind the performance. From what I heard in the conference it sounds like a console that is really focused on gamers connecting with other gamers to do many things that before we were not able to do. If a friend is stuck in a certain level or area of the game and you passed it earlier you can come in, take control of your friends' session and get him out of the area and continue playing your game.

My friends have asked for my help in the past but it usually results in my friend trying to tell me where he is and me trying to tell him where to go with very little success.

I am going for the PS4 this year because I have never owned a Sony console before so I'd figure I'll give the Playstation a shot this year.

Xbox 720(or so it's rumored to be called that)

I'm a bit sceptic about the 720, there are so many rumors and speculation behind the tech and what the 720 will do or will not do. However the big controversy surrounding the 720 was the "Always-Online DRM" so that way the console would work.

Then of course came the controversy from that Microsoft employee who said "Deal with it" to everyone about "Always-Online" that eventually led to him being fired.

After seeing Sim City and how it was supposed to  always be online in order to function did not go down well with the community so there was evidence that shows "Always-Online" is not a good idea. I am going to see what the 720 will do but honestly I'm going to give the PS4 a shot instead.

As a life long Nintendo fan and a gamer who's first console was a Nintendo 64 and then next 2 consoles were the Nintendo Gamecube and Nintendo Wii. The Wii-U does not impress me.

Honestly the Wii-U is something that the Wii should've been, bringing HD quality games with games for both hardcore and casual gamers, why? Because your audience grows up and grows hungry for new types of games to play on their console. I know that a lot of young gamers will probably buy the console and will play Nintendo games but to a life long fan I'm not impressed.

So far the Wii-U barely has any games on it and some of the games available are games people have already purchased on their PC, 360 or PS3 and the next games coming up are 2 Legend of Zelda games and an exclusive that should not have been turned into an exclusive.
While I do love Nintendo and I will never stop playing Nintendo games I must say, the Wii-U is disappointing to me. Don't get me wrong though I would like to try it out but ONLY try it out, a nice console for casual gamers it is, a console for a hardcore gamer like myself it is not.

One thing I think Nintendo should've done is they should've waited later into the generation to release the console, because once the PS4 and 720 is released, the Wii-U will be buried in sales of both consoles.

Thank you for reading everyone, remember this is just an opinion on the upcoming consoles, feel free to state yours in the comments below. Give this blog a +1 if you liked it and until the next time.

See ya later.

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