Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: PDW-57 Sub-Machine Gun Guide

Hello everyone. Welcome back to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides.

Today we are going to be looking at the very popular Sub-Machine Gun of Black Ops 2.

The PDW-57.

Weapon Profile
The PDW-57 or Personal Defense Weapon Five-Seven is the futuristic re-imagining of the FN P90.

Another Belgium weapon for Black Ops 2, the P90 was designed by FN Herstal in conjunction with the FN Five-Seven pistol and the FN 5.7x28mm ammunition the P90 was designed to be part of the FN Five-Seven platform. Development began in 1986 and was finished in 1990.

Initially the P90 was developed as a personal defense weapon, but it could also be considered a sub-machine gun or compact assault rifle, featuring a compact bullpup design with an integrated reflex sight and fully ambidextrous controls, the P90 is an unconventional weapon with a futuristic appearance.

Since it's introduction the P90 is currently in service with military and police forces in over 40 nations. Austria, Brazil, Canada, France, India and the United States to name a few, have used the P90 for law enforcement and military purposes.

Although aesthetically different we have seen the PDW before. In each Modern Warfare Call of Duty title known as the P90. COD 4, MW2 and MW3 have brought the P90 into the lime light of COD users as the SMG that can get the job done. Low recoil, healthy damage and a massive magazine size for an SMG.

Does the PDW offer the same performance?

Weapon Performance
In game, the PDW is a high damage, high recoil, medium ranged SMG and is unlocked at Level 4 as part of Create-A-Class.

The PDW has recently gone through a patch which increased it's recoil and reduced it's hip-fire performance. The PDW is no longer a laser beam with laser like hip-fire accuracy, it is now a weapon not to be used hip-firing and a weapon where recoil control is now required for maximum accuracy.

Damage is high as far as SMG standards are concerned at 35 units of damage up close and 18 at a distance. Up to a distance of 9 meters you are looking at a 3 shot kill, after 21 meters you are looking at a 4 shot kill the Long Barrel will increase your ranged ability but you still will be unable to compete at a long distance due to the recoil.

Magazine size is very generous at 50 rounds, borderline LMG size and with extended mags your magazine size will increase to 65, with this though comes with a relatively slow reload speed. If there are still rounds in the magazine you will be able to reload in 2.59 seconds and if the magazine was completely empty a 3.19 second reload speed. Fast mags will cure the sluggish reload if you can not bare the reload speed.

Fire Rate however is some what slow comparing to most SMGs in tier at 750 RPM and 900 with Rapid Fire. I advise to not use Rapid Fire, your recoil is no longer low the March patch saw to that, your range is not the best for beginners and Rapid Fire will prove itself to be an attachment that gives you a major disadvantage.

The iron sights on the PDW are quite clean, some may find it uncomfortable or hard to use due to the rather small middle front post prong.
In my experience they were easy to use and I had a very good sight picture on my target and others coming in from the sides, an optic attachment did help but I found only the EOTech and Reflex Sight to be the best optic to use.

I know what many of you are thinking "The PDW is over-powered!" Strangely it's not that over-powered  as many would believe. From a damage perspective it's not that powerful because it's only 2 points stronger than the M27, MP7and the Vector K10. It has a slight advantage in terms of damage but in range, reload and recoil contents the PDW now looses to most SMGs.

The recoil is high, the reload speed is longer, the range performance is hampered due to the recoil. You could kill your opponents at a distance but due to the recoil you might not be able to kill your opponent as quickly as you would like to.

For this the class build I am recommending is designed to focus it's strengths at close and medium range.

Class Build
You will need the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard for this build.

Equip the PDW with the Laser Sight, Quickdraw and Long Barrel attachment.

The Laser Sight will increase hip fire performance for CQC engagements where opponents take you by surprise, Quickdraw will be there to increase the ADS speed to quickly lock onto targets and take them out with ease and the Long Barrel will be there to give you better range performance and may save your life in some ranged fire fights but be sure to control the recoil.

For your perks you will need the Perk 1 Greed Wildcard.

Choose Lightweight w/ Ghost


and Extreme Conditioning

The PDW shines in CQC and Mid-Range engagements and in order to get into those engagements you will be doing a marathon sprint to the enemy. Ghost is there to protect you from the UAVs your opponents may have active so you can not worry about being stopped mid-sprint.

Lightweight and Toughness are there obviously to increase sprint speed and Toughness to make sure you are not taken off target from incoming fire.

Extreme Conditioning will hep close the gap between you and your opponents.

The Verdict

The PDW-57 is a reliable close and mid-range engagement weapon. Although it is not as accurate as it was pre-patch, post patch it makes it more difficult to stay on target at long ranges but it will still perform adequately enough in most engagements.

A high magazine with a massive killing potential is what you will have when using the PDW, most SMGs except the MSMC can give such a strong performance.

If you have not unlocked the MSMC and most other SMGs are not cutting it for you, than the PDW-57 is the SMG for you.

Thank you for reading. I hope you've enjoyed and you have learned something useful, my next weapon guide will be on the MK-48 LMG and Vector K10 SMG.

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