Top 5 Antagonists in Gaming

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In story driven games there is always the hero and the villain, what makes these stories interesting is not only the plot of it but also the characters involved in the story and then of course you have your classic villains who want to take over the world or the evil corporation that wants to be as rich as god at the cost of human life.

So today I will be listing those 5 antagonists which I personally found interesting or very threatening to our heroes path to victory and yes I am making this sound very cheesy just to be funny.

This is the Top 5 Antagonists in Gaming.

Number 5
Frank Fontaine from the original Bioshock
In the amazing eutopia of Rapture there is talk of a man believed to be dead, a Frank Fontaine who during the time when tensions in Rapture were rising was a real life Boogie Man.

Frank Fontaine was the worst kind of hoodlum, a hoodlum with vision and it clearly shows in the history of Rapture before the Civil War. He can kill or sabotage Ryan Industries workers and plans but there will never be evidence to support that belief, he becomes the biggest threat to Andrew Ryan and Jack as you play through the game.

Frank Fontaine has the bigger influence in Rapture than Ryan and has the most ADAM in Rapture, enough to make God look like a 3rd rate magic act and what makes Fontaine a threat to you as a player and Jack the character?

He Created you.

Most enemies find ways to destroy on the outside, to rip your limbs off or shoot you in the head, Fontaine could kill you from the inside out with just a few words, your heart would stop in an instant making him a man who literally controls whether you die or live.

What also makes him a threat is his ability to transform into a completely different person without having the suspicion that the man you're talking to could actually be the man he says he is or he could be Mr.Fontaine, the Boogie Man.

Number 4
Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil Series
Albert Wesker is like that classic anti-hero character that will not do a good deed in any situation, he will do the only thing he sees that will benefit himself or his cause.

He will stab his own people in the back in order to forward his cause without any second thought, he is a cold hearted man who also is quite literally a Super-Human. He has super speed and super strength, we could've sent Wesker into Afghanistan the first month of the war and he could've found Bin Laden before we did without taking out any member of the Al-Qaeda cell. Wesker can hit as hard as the Tyrant bio-weapons and is faster then the Hunters in the series.

 In the Resident Evil story Wesker is a huge threat to Chris and the world, he literally has the chance to create a global genocide with his knowledge of biological weaponry and his strength he is the man who can bring the world to an end.

Number 3
The Joker from Batman Arkham Asylum
Thank you god I can finally put Joker in a list involving video games!!!!

The Joker not only is the most iconic villain in the super-hero world but now he enters the list of iconic video game villains. Joker does not care for the life of those around him, from his most loyal henchmen to his girlfriend Harley Quinn, if they live or die, get caught by Batman he doesn't care and wants to have fun. If that means people will die and he gets to play cops and robbers with Batman he will make sure he will get Batman's attention and wants to see if Batman will actually catch him with his next plan to take over Gotham or steal money, weapons of  mass destruction or create a plot to simply get Batman out and play.

He is the literal opposite of Batman and  Joker knows that, if he was no longer in the picture  Batman would not know what to do anymore without that spark of the cause that fueled him to live the life of The Dark Knight, Joker even teases this aspect of their relationship giving Batman several chances to finish the job, Batman doesn't do it and Joker continues to rampage Gotham through this very complex duality. Joker needs Batman as much as Batman needs Joker, which makes him an antagonist that you and him both know if either side of the coin was scratched off, the other side of the coin would have no reason to exist.

Number 2
Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda series
The son of the Geurdo Thieves and the wielder of the Tri-Force of Power. Ganondorf is that antagonist who can kill Sages without hesitation and like Wesker can bring the end of the world to a reality.

Ganondorf in each alternate universe of Hyrule(thank you to everyone who cleared up the Zelda timeline for me) is more powerful and more deadly than the last Ganondorf we have seen. Each time Link is there to save Hyrule from a rising power of darkness and who is always behind it? Ganondorf.

He has obtained the power of the gods and is ready to kill said gods to make sure he is the one who wins the battle for Hyrule and to defeat Link to turn into a god himself with the Triforce. Whether it be human or monster form, Ganondorf will make sure Link is not the one who wins the battle.
Number 1

Here it is.....the big one.....the one antagonist that can be defeated, but for only a short time. This.....thing can be friendly but when it becomes foe will leave you in ruin.....the number one antagonist is!!!!!!!
What can erase all of your progress in a moments notice due to a software glitch? What can freeze on you after spending 5 hours of playing Skyrim without a warning?
What can stop working after only a week and force you to buy another console?
What will make others lash out on you for what you own, turning fellow gamers against you?

Your console.

The antagonist characters in gaming can be defeated or avoided but The Console will always be the fuel to start The Console Wars and what will be the cause of most of your problems you will encounter with gaming.

The PS3 version of Bayonetta has frame-rate issues, the consoles can not show off Columbia as good as it is on PC, Battlefield 3 on consoles performs poorly compared to the PC. Your memory card data can end up becoming corrupted for no reason once you stick it back into the console and say good bye to hours and hours and HOURS worth of game play(which happened to me with Paper Mario:The Thousand Year Door) and somehow will not save your data properly, resulting in you being sent back further in the game.

We need the console to work in order to enjoy our games and play with our friends, if the console doesn't work then you're out of luck.

Hopefully with the next generation consoles being rumored as powerful PCs we will not have this problem and we'll actually be able to enjoy our games without any problems what so ever.


Thank you everyone for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and had a good laugh at the end.

Have a good day.

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