My Top 10 Favorite Video Games, Part.2

Welcome back everybody. I hope your weekend is going well and thank you for joining me again for my next favorite games.

Keep in mind the games are not listed in any particular order or rank, it is just a list of my favorite games.

Let's continue.

Number 4
Red Dead Redemption
Back in 2011 one day I'm browsing through our local video store which surprisingly is still open. I search through the 360 games to rent a game and I find Red Dead Redemption, I bring it back put it in the 360 and what happened next was pure awesomeness.

Red Dead Redemption blew me out of the water with it's amazing graphics, story and gameplay. If you were to see me during the time I first rented the game you would've seen a drug addict not being able to stop using the drug, I was that hooked into Red Dead Redemption.

This is one of those games you simply do not forget and you do not pass it over for the next Call of Duty game, this is one of those games where you throw COD out the window and pop Red Dead in. What happened next after playing Red Dead Redemption was my mission to watch the "Man With No Name" Clint Eastwood trilogy.

A Fistfull of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More and The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Which I recommend to any western movie fan and any fan of Red Dead, the trilogy now is pretty cheap and is well worth your pesos.

Number 3
Star Fox: Assault

What sadly was the last of the Star Fox console games, Star Fox Assault although now sadly a stolen game of mine. Is my all time favorite Star Fox game.

The graphics, the sounds, the game-play and even the multiplayer still is one of my favorite games. It has that blend of old Star Fox and new Star Fox which results in this almost perfect Star Fox game, I know the idea of Fox running around with a blaster gun seems strange but Retro Studios pulls it off nicely in this amazing Gameube title.

If you still have a Nintendo Gamecube or you have a Nintendo Wii, you MUST pick up this game. Trust me, it is well worth every penny and will easily be one of the best Star Fox games you've played.

Number 2

Bioshock Infinite

Said to be the Game of The Generation, Bioshock Infinite easily gets its place on this list because of what it achieves and what it allows the players to experience.

I love it for it's story, it's graphics and it's gameplay. No other game has honestly amazed me with it's theme park like wonder and has stunned me with it's plot twists and has been so much fun to play EVEN on the higher difficulties.

A game that makes the Call of Duty series look like a joke, a game that makes the first Bioshock look bad and a game that will amaze you with the story, visuals and gameplay, you cannot go wrong with buying this game.

It easily is one of my favorites and is a lot of gamer's favorites as well, you are doing yourself a major disservice if you do not pick up this game. To go out and add a game other than Bioshock Infinite into your library is a gaming sin.

Number 1
Super Castlevania IV

You can not go any more retro when you play a Castlevania game. The king of sidescrollers, the original reason why you threw your controller down in frustration and the game that blends side-scrolling goodness with classic horror stories and film monsters. Castlevania is the retro game of my dreams.

It's beauty is found in it's simplicity, you move forward, whip an enemy and move on, simple.

However it does have it's annoyances, you jump at the wrong time, whip the wrong way or so much as not time your attack precisely the game will punish you and will kill you given the chance, but you actually don't have to deal with that sort of thing until the later levels.

The music also is one of those aspects of the game you simply cannot ignore because of how good it is, it's the elephant in the room you can't ignore it.

Whether your a modern day gamer or a gamer who doesn't mind traveling to the past, Super Castlevania IV will be an hour of fun(the game literally is about an hour long)


Thank you everyone for reading My Top 10 Favorite Video Games. I hope you've enjoyed and some good nostalgic memories have come racing in and you yourself are racing to that console to play that old game again(or new)

This week coming week I'm back to weapon guides and working on my next game review of Resident Evil 6.

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