Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: SVU-AS Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle Weapon Guide

Hello everyone. Welcome to yet another one of my many Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides.

Today we are going to be looking at the very unpopular yet unique sniper rifle of Black Ops 2.


Weapon Profile
The SVU-AS is actually simply known as the SVU and originates from Russia, known as the Snayperskaya Vintovka Ukorochennaya which translates to Short Sniper Rifle.

It is a bullpup configuration of the SVD sniper rifle. The SVU was developed to meet the needs of the security forces of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, such as OMON.

The weapon was first seen in use in the First Chechen War, originally the plan was to slightly modernize the aging SVD rifle until eventually the design team realised that the configuration of the weapon would have to be completely altered, leading to the creation of the SVU. The muzzle break which was added could absorb up to 40% of the recoil energy and an elastic stock with lamellar spring was attached to the receiver.

It was put into service in 1994 and is still used today by the Russian MVD and Military of Yemen.

Although aesthetically we have not seen this weapon before, we have actually seen the weapon before, in performance and handling, this is the Dragunov  from the last few COD entries.

In past COD entries the Dragunov is not really seen as a popular weapon with the community it is actually pretty fun to use.

Weapon Performance
In game, the SVU-AS is actually a low damage sniper rifle compared to the other snipers, aside from the damage the rifle is a semi-automatic, low recoil, slow firing high ranged rifle and is unlocked as you unlock Create-A-Class.

The SVU has low damage due to the lack of a body multiplier for the SVU, for those of you who are unaware, almost every sniper rifle in the COD franchise has a body multiplier for each shot, without these multipliers the rifles would not kill in one shot, if you recall my Combat Knife guide in all Core game modes each player has 100 units of health, without these multipliers even the powerful DSR-50 would not be able to kill your opponents in one shot.

The SVU does not have a body multiplier for any part of the body except the head. The torso, abdomen, arms and legs do not have a damage multiplier and requires a 2 shots to kill unless your opponent has been weakened with team mate fire or explosive damage. A one-shot one-kill will be achieved by aiming for the head due to the multiplier of 1.5x to the 70 units of damage which results in a total damage of  105.

Fire rate is actually very fast for the Sniper Rifle tier at 416 RPM, the fire rate will prove to be a great asset when taking on one or multiple opponents. You will not be firing it as quickly as you can anyway, you will need to fire it at a controlled and well timed 2 shots if your intention is just to kill the enemy via the body and one if you aim for the head.

Magazine size is actually very high for a sniper rifle. You start out with 12 rounds and if you equip Extended Clip you have 16 rounds at your disposal, thankfully the reload speed is quite quick for a sniper at 3 seconds and you can reload cancel at 2.10 seconds.

The standard scope for the SVU is good and will actually help you for taking out your opponent via the head.

First impressions of the SVU-AS are not good. The SVU at first seems to be the worst sniper you have ever used in your COD career, however through time and practice the SVU actually turns out to be a very good sniper rifle that is capable of taking out multiple opponents with rapid fire and accuracy.

The one trick I've learned when firing the SVU is to hold your breath and fire the rifle, the sway from firing will not become a problem and the rifle will stay on target. It is the best way to ensure each shot you fire will hit your opponents and could possibly clear an entire hallway or room of opponents.

I have been trying to unlock gold for the rifle and since the rifle can not achieve frequent one shot kills unlocking new camo is difficult but I forgive it as it has been a very satisfying challenge to only get headshots when facing opponents.

I only ended up using the basic attachments for snipers like the Ballistic CPU and Variable Zoom Scope. I did experiment with the ACOG scope to see if I could achieve head shots easier but I ended up hating the ACOG scope, even though I was able to spam opponents with sniper powered shots in CQC.

After using the SVU I would describe it as a crowd control sniper rifle for head shot only marksmen(and women) that only want headshots and for players that are looking for a challenge to only get headshots with a sniper rifle.

For the class build we will be enhancing the SVU's accuracy and range accuracy whilst being able to lurk in the shadows without opponents identifying your location by visual aid such as your name in red lining and taking with you an ample swift back up weapon.

Class Build

For this class you will need the Overkill and Perk 2 Greed Wildcard.

Equip the SVU-AS with the Ballistic CPU to counter the idle sway of the SVU scope and equip the Variable Zoom attachment to enhance accuracy out to longer ranges.

Overkill will allow for a second primary, so our second primary is the Vector K10 or Skorpion EVO, I know in my weapon guide of the K10 the stats showed that it was a weak weapon, but in turns out to be a swift and reliable back up for taking on opponents in CQC and the Skorpion EVO will be a blast to use as it's high fire rate will be able to mow down opponents with ease.

I know many of you might be thinking "Why not the PDW, MSMC or Chicom?" due to the increased recoil and poor iron sights of the Chicom. Either choice will prove to hinder your performance and will not kill enemies as quickly as the K10 or Skorpion. The MP7 is also out of the question do to the some what boxy iron sights and recoil.

As for your perks


Toughness with Cold Blooded

and Dexterity

Will make you mobile, hide in plain sight through Cold Blooded and be ready to take out opponents quickly with your rapid back up of the K10 or Skorpion.

Scavenger could also make a good perk choice but only if you're going to be using your SMG a lot, the SVU will be the one with most of the ammo and killing most of your opponents anyways so at most Scavenger will really only be there for the SMG.

You really want to focus on using the SVU instead of the SMG. The SMG is only there to fill in the CQC gap that the SVU cannot offer.

The Verdict
The SVU-AS is a fast handling rifle. Capable of firing faster than the other rifles in tier and reloading faster but with low damage, it makes up for this lack of power with it's fast handling and ability to take on multiple opponents with ease. Clearing out long sight lines of any opponent in sight.

It is a challenging weapon to use for any avid Gold Camo hunters, but will be rewarding when each shot fired will result in the clink of your bullet hitting your opponents' head.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and you've learned something useful.

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Until then, farewell.

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