Questions I've had about Gaming.

Hello everybody. This time around I thought I would do something I did on

Ask everyone else a question instead of answering questions I may ask to you.

These questions are mainly questions most gamers have had and questions I could get answers from in the community.

Question 1: Why is GTA so popular and why do I need to play it?
I have never played a GTA game in my life and I have never thought to myself whilst watching gameplay of it thinking "I need to play this game!"

I have greatly enjoyed the rest of Rockstar's games like Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire and Max Payne, but Grand Theft Auto is not one of those games I would jump up in excitement to play.

So I ask those GTA faithful.....Why is it so good and why do I need to play it?

What makes it a good game and what makes it so good that I need to play it, because in previous posts on IGN and across Youtube I have supposedly "lost credibility" when I do not mention Grand Theft Auto.

Question 2:  How come Kingdom Hearts III hasn't been made yet?
I am a mild Final Fantasy fan but I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts....
I borderline despise Square Enix for doing nothing with their games except making boring Final Fantasy sequels and spin-off, prequel, prequel sequels and "remixes" of Kingdom Hearts.

The series to me has nearly died and I see no good reason to buy the other Kingdom Hearts games, even if there is an HD remix of Kingdom Hearts 2 which is my favorite Kingdom Hearts game I will not spend my money on it, but if the money goes towards Kingdom Hearts 3 then I will support it.

It's a question many KH fans have had for the longest time and is a question that needs to be answered.

Question 3: What in the world is going on with the Zelda timeline?

Ok......this is a question I've had for sometime.....the supposed thing about the Zelda timeline is that you are playing as some reincarnation of Link in each game  and a repeating theme in each alternate universe of Hyrule.

You're playing as a Link 500 years before Ocarina of Time in Twilight Princess, in Wind Waker you're playing as a Link one century before the Link in A Link to the Past.

I don't even know if  my collection of LoZ games are in order according to the timeline.

I do love the series but I wish the timeline made sense to me.

Question 4: Why does Ada keep cock-blocking Leon?
Ada just admit it, you love Leon and you want to be with him through the next biohazard outbreak that WE ALL KNOW IS COMING.

He's helped you escape Raccoon City, he's killed William Birkin and T-103, he has killed an entire village, castle and island full of parasite infected humans while protecting the President's daughter(although he probably want to shoot her as much as we all did) and he saves you AGAIN from a man who turns into this.

I've always thought Ada has been nothing but a bitch to Leon, a man who has been through things that would make any normal man break down and cower in a corner, he has stood strong and brave in front of things that makes us go "HOLY SHIT!!!!!"

So how come Ada won't just drop the gun and go "Fuck it!"

Question 5: Is there an actual end to Skyrim?
Is there actually an end to it all where you can firmly say "I've beaten the game"

I actually am curious to find the actual end of Skyrim but in the meantime I'll keep playing it until Skyrim becomes boring.

Arguably you could say the end is when you finish the Dragonborn storyline involving Alduin or when you end the Civil War between the Stormcloaks and Imperials or when you no longer have quests to do, which I think would be impossible considering how many people you meet in Skyrim.

There could never be an end to Skyrim but my curiosity still takes over and I wonder if there is an actual end to the game.


Thanks for reading guys, I am very interested and eager to hear your responses and feed back.

Until then please Follow my Blog, give this post a +1 and I'll see you later.

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