Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: Vector K10 Sub-Machine Gun Weapon Guide

Hello again everyone. Once more we're heading into Black Ops 2, this time we're taking a look at the sharpest SMG of the tier.

The Vector K10.

Weapon Profile
The Vector K10 or KRISS Vector is a very unique weapon, unique in what it is capable of doing . Most weapons have low recoil due to caliber fired, the KRISS Vector however utilizes asymmetrical recoil and in-line design to reduce recoil and muzzle climb, it absorbs the recoil in order to decrease the recoil.

With this recoil reduction system it is capable of firing the very powerful .45 ACP round, this design was made in order to prove that the Vector could "tame" a powerful round.

This weapon has been seen in Modern Warfare 2 but was simply known as the Vector.
The weapon had extremely low recoil but lacked damage, 25-20 units of damage was astonishingly weak, Stopping Power would only increase the weapon damage to 30-25. Still could not compete with most SMGs, especially the UMP.45.

The Vector K10 however changes that.

Weapon Performance
In game, the Vector K10 is a medium  damage,high fire-rate, mid-ranged medium recoil weapon. The weapon deals 33 units of damage up close and 18 at a distance,this translates to a 4 shot kill up close and a 6 shot kill at a distance, it's performance of damage is on par with the MP7 as well as the fire rate, however it does have a few differences.

First of which is it's range, it has a very low reach at only 13 meters, Long Barrel will help greatly.

Magazine size is only a few rounds smaller than the MP7 at 36 rounds and 48 with Extended Clip.  Your magazine will be depleted quickly due to the fire rate and unlike the MP7 has a slightly longer reload of 1.9 seconds if there are still rounds in the magazine and 2.62 if the magazine is completely empty. Fast Mags will also be a good attachment choice.

Hip-Fire performance is on par with most SMGs but it would be a good decision to attach the Laser Sight to increase hip-fire performance ins CQC fights.

The iron sights are in my opinion very sharp and very usable. If you want to attach an optic it would not hurt the performance in any shape or form.

In my experience with the Vector I found it to be a nice weapon to use but honestly not the strongest weapon, as said earlier it's damage performance is on par with the MP7. Both weapons have low damage for an SMG but make up with a high fire rate and fast handling.

It is honestly a reshape of the MP7 submachine gun except it does not have any particular advantage over the MP7 nor any other SMG. I would say the Vector K10 performs just as well or terrible(depending how you view the situation) as the MP7, it is a good CQC weapon but medium range weapon competitor is not, most SMGs can perform at medium ranges adequately however the Vector does not.

Which is why I do not have a build for you tonight.

The Vector is a weapon that circums  to circumstance, it depends on what you want the weapon to do rather than what best suits the weapon. Almost every attachment for the Vector(except for the Suppressor,ACOG, Rapid Fire, Select Fire and the Target Finder) suit the Vector well so it really depends on your playstyle and desires for what you want the SMG to do.

I have tried several attachment and perk combinations with my time using the Vector and could not honestly find one particular class set up that worked well. It has so many weaknesses that there is no proper wild card or perk to aid you with what is desperately needed

The Verdict
The Vector K10 unfortunately is a weak weapon and does not bring anything different to the table as far as SMGs are concerned. It has too many things wrong with it and it needs so many things attached and perks equipped that there isn't a wildcard available that I recommend whenever you see this SMG think "I don't hate myself THAT much."

I would recommend you take your time with the Vector and get a feel of it to create your own class. I am sorry I am unable to create a class build for you tonight but trust me the next SMG will be easier.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and I apologize that you were not able to learn anything that useful.

To make up for this monstrosity I will be going over the MSMC and Chicom CQB.

Until then, "Good Night and Good Luck"

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