Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: Chicom CQB Sub-Machine Gun Weapon Guide

Hello everybody, welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides.

Today we are going to be looking at the small but deadly SMG of Black Ops 2.

The Chicom CQB.

Weapon Profile
The Chicom CQB is actually known as the Type-05 or QCW-05 or the Weisheng Chongfeng which literally translates to "Silenced Assault Gun, 2005" it is a suppressed sub-machine gun. It was manufactured and developed by the People's Liberation Army 208 Research Institute and Jianshe Industries a group corporation of Chongqing under the China South Industries Group for the People's Liberation Army.

The weapon was designed for the 5.8 x 21 mm DCVO5 sub-sonic round that is also used by the QSW-06 silenced pistol. It is fed by a 50 round box magazine firing at 900 rounds per minute, production started in 2005 and is still in production today and is used only by the People's Republic of China.

The QCW-05 is a blowback, open bolt bullpup silenced submachine gun that is capable of either full automatic or semi-automatic fire, the lightweight polymer construction attributes to quicker mass-production.

The Chicom CQB makes it's first appearance in Black Ops 2 but is unique as it is the first burst fire SMG to be made in the Call of Duty series, so how does it perform and what is it's strengths?

Weapon Performance
The Chicom CQB is a medium damage, moderate recoil, low range, 3-round burst SMG and is Unlocked at Level 37.

The Chicom CQB deals 33 units of damage up close and 18 at a distance,this translates to a 4 shot kill up close and 6 at a distance. The range of the Chicom is very low so ranged combat will be a difficult challenge so the Long Barrel will be greatly needed.

Magazine size is the same size of the Vector K10, 36 rounds for the standard magazine size and 48 with extended clip. Reload time is fast at 2.07 seconds if there are still rounds in the magazine, if the magazine is completely empty your reload speed will be 2.72 seconds.

The fire rate of the Chicom is very fast at 1250 RPM, per burst and the total firing speed. If you attach Select Fire to only fire automatically the fire rate will actually decrease at 937 RPM. What this really translates to is the same firing characteristics as the M8A1 assault rifle, every pull of the trigger will fire 3 rounds without delay, it is a very satisfying feeling to mow down opponents with a hail of bullets quickly dispensed by your own trigger finger.

The recoil on the Chicom is moderate. Depending on your trigger finger and attachments the recoil will either be a problem or not be a factor of your accuracy, however the iron sights on the other hand could prove to be a problem. The iron sights are open but obstruct most of your view and has a very small front post indicator for you to track your targets

In my experience with the Chicom I found it to be a very fun weapon to use and it was very satisfying, mowing down opponents with a hail of accurate rapid fire was rewarding and I was able to dispense of opponents quickly. The recoil would prove to be a problem on occasion but more often then not I would dispense of the opponent quickly, it's lack of ranged damage did prove to be a problem but I would stick to CQC and try as much as possible to avoid long range sight lines and long range engagements.

So I would find myself dominating in CQC but failing in ranged combat, so for this we will be using a class build where it focuses on the CQC strength and accuracy of the weapon.

Class Build
For this class you will need the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard and Perk 2 Greed Wildcard

Equip the CQB with the Reflex Sight, Fast Mags and the Laser Sight.

The Reflex Sight is to ensure you are accurate when taking on opponents whilst aiming down the sights and replace the rather minuscule iron sights.

Fast Mags will be there so you reload faster, the fire rate is high and you will need quite a few shots to take down your opponents, Fast Mags ensures your magazine will be topped up quickly when ever you engage the enemy.

The Laser Sight will be there to have superb hip-fire accuracy also in CQC when engaging opponents in small corridors and rooms, clearing out these rooms with the CQC's rapid fire will be no problem and the increased accuracy will also aid in clearing the area.

As for your perks.


Toughness with Scavenger

and Extreme Conditioning.

Hardline will ensure you obtain score-streaks faster, at the rate you're dropping bodies you'll be earning streaks rapidly to dominate the game.

Toughness will keep you accurate against any incoming fire to ensure each shot you make counts. Scavenger is there to keep you supplied, your fire rate is quick and your shots to kill is many, Scavenger will be there to make sure you are never running empty in any engagement.

Extreme Conditioning will help you bridge the gap between you and your opponents to take them out and ensure your team wins the game quickly and opponents who may occupy a space can be surprised by your sudden appearance.

This class build will ensure maximum accuracy against your opponents and will reward you for your kills greatly while keeping you loaded, steady and mobile to take on the opposition. I know many of you are asking why not attach the Long Barrel? The attachment makes a difference but a very minor difference considering the iron sights will hinder your long range accuracy.

The Verdict
The Chicom CQB is a weapon that brings true to the saying "Size doesn't matter, it's how you use it that counts" the CQB is a weapon to not be underestimated due to it's compact size and aesthetic build.

It is a weapon of sharp precision, rapid fire and accurate handling.  It's negatives come from the rather difficult to use iron sights and low range of the weapon. For that we focus on close quarter engagements only to ensure the Chicom strengths are kept strong and not hindered in any way possible.

A unique weapon with a very satisfying punch.

Thank you for reading, I hope you've enjoyed and you learned something useful.

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