Top 5 Protagonists in Gaming

Hello everybody.

We've all played a video game with a main character we absolutely love and enjoy to see them kick ass or save the lives of the people in distress.Some more than others, from John Marston to Ezio Auditore we all have a list of characters we absolutely love.

So today I will be listing my personal favorites, some of these characters may be yours as well so you may see some familiar faces.

This list is not in any particular order or rank, it's just a list of characters I like.

Let's begin.

Number 5
Issac Clarke from the Dead Space trilogy
Meet your average every day engineer Issac Clarke. I love Issac and feel sorry for him, this man went on a mission to go find the Ishimura, repair it and find his girlfriend, what happened you may ask?

Not only does Issac have the biggest set of balls in the galaxy on him but he kicks ass and did things that no one would ever of though Issac would do. He takes on an entire ship full of these things, a colony and later takes on an entire space station and a PLANET full of these things, the best part?

He doesn't complain about it. He simply gets on with it and the biggest complaint I've heard from him was this simple line "I hate those things" 

If these things came into reality and you piss your pants I will simply say to you "Issac never complained!"

Number 4
John Marston from Red Dead Redemption
It's no easy to try and escape from your past and seeing the struggle Jon goes through is the prime example. John Marston is a good man who unfortunately is put into situations to do bad things either to save his life, the life of others or to protect his family.

John is a lot like the man with no name and the stranger who wondered into town to save the town from the local gang. John is a man looking for a simple life but as stated earlier his past is coming in to haunt him and prevent him from going into the life he wants for him and his family.

Jon is a smart man although first glance at him you would say otherwise. 

Once you reach the end of his journey you will wish John's life would've been better.

Number 3
Ezio Auditore from Assassin's Creed II
Introducing the most elegant and deadly assassin you will ever meet. Ezio is the second assassin we learn about in the Assassin's Creed series.

Ezio is intelligent, sophisticated and one of the strongest members of the assassin brotherhood. Ezio helps the locals and makes sure that the Templars are dead, loose their influence and never get the chance to take over the world.

However he's also a very lost assassin, during his travels he thinks of what could have happened if he never became an assassin and if what he's fighting for is worth fighting for and if his life decision was the right one.

Number 2
Samus Aran from the Metroid series
Similar to Issac Clarke, Samus just deals with her situation and gets the job done. Samus Aran is the bravest intergalactic bounty hunter you will ever find. Armed simply with the arm cannon and the ability to turn into a ball that drops powerful bombs, Samus Aran manages to get the job done without a lot of equipment.

After seeing some of the things Samus takes on you do wonder, how in the world does she manage to stay sane and calm through these things, imagine how most of the enemies would like on the Frostbite 3 Engine from DICE.

Imagine fighting an HD Metroid and it latches onto your screen. You would be scared and would panic.

Samus has had to do so much for the galaxy and gets very little reward in return, she's still in the same suit, she's still using the same ship and is doing suicide mission over suicide mission, again, with just that arm cannon and suit.

Number 1
Leon S. Kennedy from the Resident Evil Series

Leon I honestly must say is the character which will always stick with me and is also the classic protagonist. Will get the job done quick and clean even when things go wrong. 

He manages to save the most annoying girl in the world and take on an entire village, castle and island of parasite infected people and these things.
He has seen the things of nightmares and has survived through each one, the next being worse than the one before. Also he somehow has a perfect haircut throughout the entire fight for survival.

The End

Thank you for reading everybody, I hope you enjoyed and you'll read the rest of my posts. For those who read my weapon guides the SMR is coming up and the PDW SMG. My next game review will be on Bioshock 2.

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