Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: MSMC Sub-Machine Gun Weapon Guide.

Hello everyone, welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 weapon guides.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the community favorite.


Weapon Profile
The MSMC or Modern Sub Machine Carbine is a weapon originating from India, designed by the Armament Research and Development Establishment and manufactured by the Ordnance Factories Board.

It was developed for the Indian Army, the gun is lightweight, compact compared to other Indian designed weapons.

It is chambered to fire the 5.56x30mm MINSAS cartridge. The weapon was also made due to the disappointing performance of the INSAS rifle, a variant rifle was made called the "Excalibur" it was developed but it did not meet the requirements. Hence the MSMC was designed to rectify the shortcomings of the previous developments.

 The MSMC was designed and through various trials and improvements the ARDE came out with a grip-feeding, Uzi like design that shortened the length of the weapon, making it more suitable for CQC purposes, the weapon is said to be capable of penetrating bullet-proof jackets.

Although in name the weapon is new, the aesthetic design of it has been seen before and for you COD veterans out there you know what this weapon is, the Uzi.

In almost every Call of Duty title the Uzi has been see as the WORST weapon in the game, the damage, the range, the recoil and handling speed. Why some of you may ask......I don't know.....why the Uzi has been a badly designed weapon since Modern Warfare 1....I have no idea. Maybe it was a way to discourage young players to buy an Uzi in the first place due to it's popularity with gangs, maybe but otherwise I have no idea why the Uzi has been such a bad weapon in the COD series.

However I am glad to announce that the MSMC is not like the Uzi from any of the previous COD games.

Weapon Performance
In game, the MSMC is a high damage, long range, slow firing, moderate recoil SMG and is Unlocked at Level 28.

The MSMC deals 40 units of damage up close and 18 at a distance, this translates to a 3 shot kill up close and 6 at a distance. Your maximum range for 3 shots to kill is 12 meters and at a distance of 25 meters the damage will drop to a 4 shot kill, this is the highest range of any SMG in tier, any further and it will be a 5-6 shot kill.

Fire Rate is relatively slow in comparison to most other SMGs at only 750 RPM and 900 if you equip Rapid Fire.

Magazine size is healthy at an assault rifle standard of 30 rounds and with extended clip reaches 40 rounds.

Reload speed is good at 2.07 seconds if there are still rounds in the mag. and 2.75 seconds if the magazine is completely empty.

Due to a recent patch the recoil has been increased, not extremely high but you will need to tame your trigger finger in order to make sure you are always on target. The iron sights in order to aid you in tracking your targets are some what small, the iron sights are usable but some might not like the design. An optic attachment would be handy but if you can manage to get by with the iron sights you will be able to other useful attachments.

In my experience with the MSMC I found it to be a very deadly weapon in close quarters and long range engagements, although it wasn't as flashy as most SMGs I still found myself killing opponents easily due to the damage and range of the MSMC, although I was finding it very difficult to stay on target through the iron sights at first. The muzzle flash would get in the way most of the time but after practice it would be easy to ignore and focus on killing enemies.

The fire rate however would result in a slow time to kill, the damage is high but the fire rate is relatively slow so there is a chance of the fire rate causing you too loose the fight.

That's why our class will be built to amplify the damage of the MSMC and handling speed of the weapon.

For this build you will need the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard and Perk 2 Greed Wildcard

Equip the MSMC with the Fast Mags, Laser Sight and Quickdraw Handle.

Fast mags will decrease the amount of time to reload and since the MSMC is not an SMG with a higher magazine reloads will be rather frequent due to the assault rifle sized mag.

The Laser Sight is to increase hip fire accuracy and will slightly counter the hip-fire spread post-patch change. The MSMC will be reliable firing when you aim down the sights and firing from the hip.

The Quickdraw Handle will ensure you are the first to fire in all your engagements.

As for your equipment, C4 will be handy to get campers out of their corners.

For your perks


Toughness with Scavenger

and Dexterity

will make you mobile, supplied and accurate against incoming fire from opponents.

You will be very nimble in moving through the map and hit the enemy hard with the MSMC.

The Verdict
The MSMC is a hard hitting SMG. The only negative attribute of it being the somewhat slow fire rate and borderline hard to use iron sights.

It has very good reliability when it comes to CQC and even most ranged engagements. It's not as crazy fun to use as the CHICOM or Skorpion EVO, but it is a strong weapon non the less.

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