My Top 10 Favorite Games, Part.1

Hey everyone.

Nathan again with another Top 10 list.

This time I'm doing something simple tonight, listing my ten favorite games. Feel free to list your top 10 in responses to the post on Google + or in the comments section below, keep in mind though this is not in any particular order or rank it's a simple list of ten games I personally prefer over all else.

Let's begin.

Number 10
L.A. Noire
I grew a particular interest in the 1950s after playing Fallout 3, after seeing the announcement trailers, seeing all the detail going into the game and then a sale on Amazon, L.A. Noire instantly became one of my many favorite games in my 360 library.

The acting, the atmosphere, the story and the new approach to investigative game-play, if I had one game to play for an entire month, you would not see me complaining if that one game was L.A. Noire. This is a game that has an extreme amount of dedication to the work and it is so much different then many other video games and I also love it for that.

It's more of an interactive movie then it is a video game and for that I appreciate it and will never forget the game for that.

Also, if you like L.A. Noire you will love L.A. Confidential.

Number 9
The Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim
It's an obvious choice yes but you can never go wrong with Skyrim. It's one of those games that never end, rewards you for pretty much anything you do and looks gorgeous.

I've played it since Christmas of 2011 and have never been bored of it, I've always found many interesting quests to do, met interesting characters and found so many enchanted weapons, armor and spells it ceases to entertain me.

I'd expect nothing less from the people who made Fallout 3, I'm playing it right now and still finding it as awesome it was since the first day I played it.


I FOUND JESUS BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What's better than a very good game? A very good game that never ends and that suits well with me.

Number 8
Kingdom Hearts 2
Some of you all ready know how I feel about the KH series, however my favorite one of them all has to be Kingdom Hearts 2. The game-play to Kingdom Hearts 2 is soooo addicting to me, I haven't played it in so many years I'm suffering from what I call a KH-Withdrawl.

I think it was the fast paced combat and the interesting Disney worlds and iconic Disney/ Square Enix characters and the combat I enjoy the most of KH2 so I hope that the PS4 will have some form of backwards compatibility so I can play this master piece.

Number 7
Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire
My first console was a Nintendo 64 in 1999 and my first game was Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire, I still play it on off these days but it will still remain in my mind as my first game and like L.A. Noire I will never forget it.

With the iconic laser blaster used by Han Solo, using a Snow Speeder to take down AT-ATs, speeding through the town of Mos Eisely on a Speeder Bike and blasting through train car to train car on a planet made entirely out of trash from destroyed Rebel ships and Empire walkers, I love it and if possible in later year, keep it in my library.

Number 6
Star Wars:Rogue Squadron
My 2nd N64 game I got when I received an N64, Star Wars:Rogue Squadron is etched into my mind as an N64 classic. What's better than blasting Imperials with your laser blaster? Blasting through TIE fighters, Imperial Walkers, Imperial Turrets? Using the iconic Rebel ships to do so.

It's almost like Star Fox 64 but of course the obvious difference is that it's Star Wars.

Number 5
Resident Evil 2

What has been considered the best of the classic Resident Evil games, Resident Evil 2 is my favorite Resident Evil game and is my favorite of the old 3rd person survival horror series.

The horror, the stress of maintaining your health and inventory to defend yourself from these fearsome and terrifying enemies is still a memorable experience and introduced me to a new genre of games, what I still like most about the game is the music, the gameplay and the monsters.

Resident Evil introduced some scary monsters but Resident Evil 2 took it to the next level. The tragic yet terrifying transformation of once brilliant and loving father William Birkin is what set a new nightmare in motion for future survivors of the B.O.W.s from Umbrella.

Plus, Resident Evil 2 introduced us to later bad ass and man with perfect hair. Leon S. Kennedy.

That's it for now guys. I will be back with the other five games tomorrow.

Thank you for reading part 1 and I hope you join me for part 2.

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