Best Buy Sold Out of Xbox One Pre-Orders

Good morning everyone.

Like the GameStop story I brought to you yesterday, it seems that you can no longer Pre-Order the Xbox One from Best Buy for the time being, the console is sold out.


According to the product page for the console on the website, says that the console is 'sold out online'. However they are still accepting pre-orders for the PS4.

The product page also shows below the console, Shipping is not available and Store pickup is also not available.


Well although you won't be able to pre-order the Xbox One from Best Buy for the time being, Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon and Toys R' Us is still taking pre-orders for the Xbox One and PS4.

Imagine the lines of people who've pre-ordered their console and are picking it up at the these stores.

I hope that these consoles become available for pre-order soon from GameStop.

I'm getting paid next month and it would be quite nice to go pre-order the console, go out, pick it up, come home to start it up and maybe play a bit of Killzone or Battlefield 4.

Thank you for reading.

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