PS4 Party Chat, Friends List, Xbox One Prices For Controller and Accessories

Hello again everyone.

PS4 has free party chat, a massive friends list limit and we have prices on the Xbox One controller and headset.

Xbox One Controller and Headset


The Microsoft store has been updated with pricing information for Xbox One accessories, revealing extra controllers will go for 60 dollars while an additional headset will be 25 dollars. An Xbox One wireless controller that comes with a play-and-charge kit will be set at 75 dollars, while the play-and-charge kit alone will go for 25.

The console bundle will not come packed with a headset for the Xbox One, players will still be able to use voice commands via Kinect.

These prices have been confirmed by a Microsoft representative.

"Yes, official pricing for Xbox One accessories at Microsoft Stores is accurate."

PS4 Party Chat and Friends List Cap


On the Youtube Channel "PlayStation Access" there is a PS4 Q & A answering 10 questions about the PS4.

The first questions answered is "Does the PS4 have party chat" the answer was yes. We also learned about the PlayStation friends list limit, you will be able to have 2 thousand friends on PS4 while on Xbox One you will be able to have 1 thousand friends.

The Q & A also answered other questions that some already knew the answers to but left others to be answered in the future.


Starting with the Xbox Article.

That's quite a hefty price if you want to get a pretty good set up with your Xbox One.

60 for the controller I can understand, but 25 for the headset is a bit much. Also if you instead choose to buy an extra controller with a play-and-charge kit you're looking at 575 dollars spent only for the Xbox One.

That's a lot of money and anyone who buys anything else with an Xbox One must really be in a good financial spot in their life.

As for the PS4 info.

That's really good to know. On Xbox 360 right now if me and my brother want to talk to a friend of ours at the same time we can't, my brother needs an Xbox Live account and also needs Xbox Live Gold.

Now with the PS4 we don't need PS Plus to go into party chat with our friends, my brother just needs a PSN account and he's good to go.

I keep finding out more and more about the PS4 and Xbox One, the PS4 keeps looking better and better.

Thank you for reading.

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