Playstation CEO Talks About Digital Distribution and Consumer Flexibility

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A recently published E3  interview with Sony Computer Entertainment group chief executive Andrew House, published with The Guardian. This interview was also conducted before Microsoft's "180"


House says that the issue of games ownership is not "just the views of the vocal minority".

"It became an expression of a little bit of concern bubbling up around the subject of what ownership means in an age of digital content overall, we and other entertainment industry players need to be very conscious of that and very careful. Bringing it back to the fundamentals again, we need to be fair and to think of the consumer experience first."

House said that the aim for PS4 as far as game development is concerned, is to create a system that is simple to develop games onto.

For those who are unaware, the PS3 architecture for developers was very exotic and difficult to develop for, which is why is saying that the system will be easy for developers to develop games.

"We have a new development environment, that developers are telling us is significantly easier to make great games for, and we've undertaken a significant amount of outreach to smaller developers. And the net result is that we're seeing a lot of developers coming out of the mobile space, and I think that's a tremendously positive trend for console gaming. Essentially, we have access to a whole new set of talent in gaming that we didn't have before."

Mr.House also talked about Sony's decision to remove the PS Eye camera from the PS4 bundle which made the bundle cheaper.

"There's consumer flexibility. We have a camera which will build some great consumer experiences, especially when it's used in conjunction with the Dual-Shock 4, but we're not mandating that, or forcing that purchase on the consumer."


I think what Mr.House is saying is that consumers want flexibility, think of what the consumer wants in terms of flexibility.

I think what he's also trying to say is that although digital distribution will become more popular in the next generation of console gaming, the fundamentals of what makes console gaming a very enjoyable experience should still be there.

Not be buried under the popularity of digital distribution, for example the local video stores in my town closed, many of them closed down because of services like Netflix. There is now only 2 video stores in our town, the one closest to us is a favorite of ours and whenever we want to watch a movie or I want to rent a game, it's really great that the option of going to the video store to rent and  watch a movie Friday night or a play a game over the weekend is still there.

The option for consumers to purchase physical copies of games should still be there, it should not be eliminated.

Otherwise the incentive to buy a console would no longer be there, the fundamental difference between PC gaming and console gaming would no longer exist.

Multi-platform games would look better on the PC, however I would not have the flexibility of letting friends borrow my physical copy of a game.

The option of letting friends lend and give physical copies of games to other friends with no strings attached should still be a part of console gaming. Console gaming would be irrelevant if digital distribution would be the only way to play games.

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