China Might Lift Home Console Ban and A Mountie Kills His Wife

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China may be lifting a ban on home gaming consoles that have lasted for the past 13 years and there's a very strange story about a Mountie and a Wii.

Home Console Ban May Be Lifted


For the past 13 years the Chinese Government has had a ban on game consoles, this ban came into play in the year 2000. In order to shield the country's youth from the "corruptive evils of video games", the ban has been active since then but the ban was negated when shortly after the ban online gaming exploded, China's youth became gamers anyway.

China may now be considering to lift the ban, according to the South China Morning Post. The move is part of a detailed policy blueprint for a "Shanghai freed trade zone", that is endorsed by Premier Li Keqiang, who is keen to make the Chinese economy more open to the rest of the world and to make the currency more widely used.

However, if the ban is lifted, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft would have to follow demands made by the government. The companies would have to open up manufacturing and distribution operations in Shanghai to serve China exclusively.

The companies would then have to compete with the handheld "iReadyGo"(seen above) the Mini-PolyStation 3 and eeDoo.

These are actually names of the knock off brands in China.

 A Sex Bet, A Wii, A Mountie and His Wife

It's going to get pretty weird from here on out ladies and gentlemen.

A retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Keith Wiens ,shot and killed his common-law wife after she demanded that he pay up, the price? Foreplay.

The retired Mountie told British Columbia that he acted in self defense on the night of the murder in August 2011.

The two had had a rapidly escalating argument since getting drunk and playing Wii and making wagers "of a sexual nature," on the games. When Mr.Wiens went upstairs to go to bed after playing the console, he found sex toys on his pillow. He brushed them aside, saying he needed to rest up for a round of golf the next day.

His wife had been arguing with him through the night, Wiens claims that his wife was waking him up several times during that night, Kalmring had started to become physical, attacking Wiens in his sleep, Wiens armed himself with a handgun that he kept in his bedside table because he feared for his life. Kalmring supposedly re-entered the room later but was armed with a knife and rushed him.

Wiens shot her in self-defense, he is still on trial as of today.


Starting with the console ban being lifted.

I never knew something like this was going on in China. I mean we over here down in the States have heard about how politicians have moved for banning of violent video games in order to "solve" the problem of violence being exposed to kids today.

China went the extra mile and banned all CONSOLES that have these kinds of games, we've also seen bad knockoffs down here in the States, but not at this level.

As for the story about the Mountie.

You know.....I don't even want to get into this story, it's too ridiculous.

I'm not even going to go there.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and you'll join me again soon.

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