Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides: LSAT Light-Machine Gun Weapon Guide

Hello everyone.

Welcome to another one of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guides.

Today we're going to be looking at the 3rd available LMG in Black Ops 2.


Weapon Profile

The LSAT was designed for the Lightweight Small Arms Technologies program. The purpose of the program was to develop a lighter, yet very reliable LMG, the program began in 2004.

The LSAT LMG was a result of the program, entering production in 2010. 

The weapon fires the 5.56mm caliber, firing at 650 rounds per minute.

The LSAT in Black Ops 2 marks it's first appearance in the COD series.

Weapon Profile

The LSAT in game is a mid-damage, long ranged, fully automatic weapon of the LMG tier and is unlocked fairly early into your Prestige at Level 13.

The weapon will deal 40 units of damage up to 30 meters and will drop to an intermediate damage of 33 units at a range of 30 meters out to 72 meters, any further than 72 meters and you will be looking at the lowest number of damage at only 24 units.

Rate of Fire on the LMG is rather good, at a decent 750 RPM, if you equip Rapid Fire, the rate of fire increases from 750 to 1,000 RPM at the cost of effective range and increased recoil. The only weapons in the tier to beat the fire rate is the HAMR and QBB LSW.

Like other LMGs the reload time is slow, the LSAT will have the same reload speed with or without rounds in the box, the LSAT will reload in 7 seconds. You will not have to reload very frequently due to the large magazine size of 100 rounds.

Handling traits are the same as other LMGs. ADS speed is clocked at 450ms and you move at 90% of your player  movement speed.

Recoil is moderately low, under continuous fire the LSAT's recoil will rise, but not high to where the recoil takes you off target. However the muzzle flash is quite blinding.

To help with the recoil and tracking your target is very clean, sharp iron sights. The design may be familiar to many as these iron sights were seen on many weapons from Black Ops 1.

In my time with the LSAT I found the weapon to be very reliable in almost any engagement. The one thing that did affect my performance was the muzzle flash from time to time, the way I handled that was first lineup my sights with the target, hold down the trigger and let the damage do the rest.

The LSAT doesn't have a lot of recoil so even with the muzzle flash, there was no concern for shots missing.

I experimented with several optics and attachments and found myself using the LSAT as an assault rifle rather than an LMG. Usually LMGs are made for a more defensive playstyle, but with the proper attachments equipped I made it into an assault rifle with extreme range and a large magazine to take out many opponents.

What I also like about the LSAT is that on the box feeding the rounds into the LSAT had a digital counter of all the rounds left in the belt, the counter honestly reminded me of the Pulse Rifle from Aliens.

The build I used allowed me to be aggressive and almost as nimble as if I was using an assault rifle. 

I will also recommend a defensive build.

Aggressive Build

For this build you will need the Primary Gunfighter Wildcard and Perk 1 Greed Wildcard.

Equip the LSAT with the Hybrid Optic, Quickdraw Handle and Adjustable Stock.

The Hybrid Optic will eliminate some of the blinding effects from the muzzle flash of the weapon and allowing you to have a Reflex Sight for close and mid-range engagements while also having an ACOG sight on the bottom for long range targets, the recoil is low, so there's no downside to using the ACOG aspect of the Hybrid Optic.

The Quickdraw Handle is equipped for obvious reasons, increasing the speed of the ADS time, while a minimal effect it still can be very useful in many situations.

Finally, the Adjustable Stock. The Adjustable Stock will allow you to move faster when aiming down the sights, you'll be able to avoid enemy fire, able to push forward through corridors and rooms quickly with a weapon capable of taking out the entire enemy team.

As for your perks.

Lightweight and Flak Jacket are to be equipped from the Blue Perk Tier.

Lightweight to counter the slow movement speed and Flak Jacket in order to survive from explosive equipment and weaponry your opponents may use against you.

Toughness to keep you on target if you are hit by enemy fire.

Dexterity to allow faster mantle speed to reach higher vantage points and make sure your weapon is ready to fire sooner after you sprint.

Now for the Defensive build.


For this build you will need the Perk 3 Greed Wildcard.

Equip the LSAT with the Dual Band Scope and FMJ.

The Dual Band Scope will highlight enemies in bright yellow, will be useful to keep both long and close range opponents away from your current position.

FMJ is equipped to penetrate through cover better, the LSAT LMG does have good penetration but we will increase the penetration ability for the 4th perk we're equipping through the use of the Perk 3 Greed Wildcard.

As for your perks.

Flak Jacket will be equipped so when firing from cover, enemies who spot you will be unable to take you out with an RPG, grenade or C4. Prolonging your life longer to take out as many opponents as possible.

Toughness will be equipped for the same reason described in the Aggressive build.

Finally, Tactical Mask and Engineer will be equipped to finish off the perks for the build.

Tactical Mask is equipped so if any enemy impairs your vision or chance to escape from explosive equipment or tries to stun you so they can run in and kill you, you'll be able to keep firing accurately and defending your position from the incoming attacker.

Engineer will be equipped in order to take out enemy equipment behind cover, FMJ is equipped in order to enhance the effectiveness of the LSATs' penetration and will also make Engineer very useful to maybe throw the odds into your team's favor.

Your last 2 points should be spent on a Secondary and the Black Hat PDA.

A secondary like the B23R or Kap.40 will be best paired with the LSAT.

The Black Hat PDA will be equipped so you can take out enemy UAVs silently and hack enemy equipment you now can see behind cover, through the use of Engineer.

The Verdict

The LSAT is a versatile LMG.

Capable of taking out opponents in long range and close range engagements, with the ability to be transformed into an assault rifle through proper attachment and perk applications.

A large magazine size, low recoil, long range and healthy fire rate will able to take out any opponent you encounter in your time playing the multiplayer.

I recommend it to avid users of LMG weapons and players who are new to the LMG weapons of Black Ops 2.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and this is very useful to you.

Join me next time when I'll be covering the HAMR LMG and Kap.40.

Until then, see ya later.

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