Left 4 Dead(2008) Review

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It's time we go over the very popular zombie shooter and Computer Game of the Year of 2008.

Left 4 Dead.


An infection has been spreading throughout Philidelphia, an infection known as the 'Green Flu'.

The infection was believed to be nothing but a flu but until later the infection is actually turning people into zombies. 4 survivors team up to help each other fight through the city, after 2 weeks of the first infection the zombies are starting to mutate.

They're now fighting to escape Philidelphia.

The rest of the story is not told through the game, the in-game narrative is very small.

The story and origin stories are told through the online comic.

The comic will show how the characters first encountered the infection


Left 4 Dead has an eery and dark atmosphere.

Exploring streets littered with the undead, underground subway terminals, sewers, mountain trails with the sounds of the undead haunting your every move and hospitals painted with blood.

Almost every campaign area you explore is something you might have seen from a zombie film. Such as an abandoned house at a farm waiting to be ambushed by the undead.

Graphically it isn't the best looking game but it is a game that looks good.


Left 4 Dead is a cooperative FPS survival horror game that focuses on team work.

You and 3 other players or 3 other AI partners will fight along side with you throught the waves and waves of the undead.

The AI partners are not stupid and in fact are very useful in combating against the infected, one AI partner can either be the special infected killer of the group or the zombie murder of the group. Each helping you and the other AI partners to survive.

Players will have to use available weapons, tools and medical supplies in order to survive the level.

It's all about careful planning and use of supplies available to proceed through the level easily and ensure that everyone survives. If you plan to rush through the level without any mind of the infected behind you and surrounding your team mates you will surely be the first to fall.

The key strategy to survive in Left 4 Dead is Team Work, the lone wolf of the group will be the first to fall at the hands of the horde of undead and the mutated infected.

Although this is a First-Person Shoter, do not mistake it for the type of FPS you are used to. There is no aiming down the sights, no reload cancels and no recoil. There is weapon spread, and depending on your stance in the fight, your weapon will either be very accurate or will shot everywhere hiting everything else but your target.

With that said it is still a fun game, mowing down hoardes of zombies with a semi-auto shotgun or fully automatic M16. If you prefer to kill zombies with the traditional boomstick or mow them down like Rambo. The game will let you do that to help you and your team survive, but there are enemies in the game that can lower your chances of survival.

The special infected of the game.

The Boomer- A massive zombie that can puke bile onto the survivors that will attract the other infected in the area to attack the survivor or survivors laced with the bile, if shot will explode but will cover anyone in the blast radious with the bile.

The Smoker-A tall ghastly creature that can spit their tongue out to extreme distances, capture a survivor and either hang them, suffocating them or lure them in close proximity of the Smoker to beat them to death, if caught the survivor is defenseless and the horde can easily take down the survivor.

The Hunter- A special infected that can leap great distances to pounce on survivors and tear apart the survivor in a very vicious atack.

The Tank- A large member of the infected that is very strong and tough that can potentialy take out the entire group of survivors with ease.

and finally The Witch- A special infected that can cry like a small child in dark areas, that will then make a horrid scream when startled and take down any survivor in an instant.

Can quickly change the situation you and your team are in. It can be smooth sailing to certain death when any one of these special infected come across you in your race to safety. These creatures will appear at random, throwing you off your guard, quickly ending your life and the life of your teammates.

The special infecte spice up the situation, intensifying the fear of being overwhelmed by either the horde or the special infected themselves.

Co-op wise you can either play 2 player split-screen offline or 4 player online in 4 different campaigns taking you and your fellow survivors through different parts of Philidelphia, you also have competitive matches online.

Versus, where you and a team 3 versus a team of 4. Fight to survive through the different chapters of the game, the team that wins is the team with the more survivors survivng to the end of the chapter, players who die will be unable to respawn like in the main campaign.

Survival mode where you and 3 other players try to stay alive for as long as possible within the certain area that they are playing in.Much like Black Ops Zombies but without opening doors to expand the available area.

With all of that you have a good combination of survival horror and zombie first person shooter glory.

The Verdict
Left 4 Dead may be 5 years old but still to this day it is still a very enjoyable game to play. It can take down Black Ops Zombies any day.

The game lacks narrative and great graphical detail but has an atmosphere that resembles many infamous zombie films and has a cooperative focused gameplay style that rewards teamwork and planning.

It's an experience that you do not forget.

Left 4 Dead gets a very good 9 out of 10

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed.

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