Dishonored(2012) Review

Good afternoon everyone.

I have been very curious about Dishonored. I have heard so many good things about this game.

The game was on sale recently on Xbox Live and I bought the game.

At first I was concerned thinking that my money spent was for nothing, after playing Dishonored, why didn't I buy this game sooner....

I present to you.

My review of 2012's Dishonored.


Set in the industrial city of Dunwall, you play as Corvo Attano, a legendary bodyguard to the Empress of Dunwall.

Corvo returns after seeking aid to an epidemic currently consuming the lives of Dunwall citizens. This plague is turning the people into Weepers, those affected greatly by the plague who bleed from their eyes.

When Corvo returns from his journey, the Empress and Empress' daughter is attacked, the Empress is killed and the Empress' daughter Emily Kaldwin is kidnapped. Corvo in turn is framed for killing the Empress by the Spymaster, who takes the title of Lord Regent.

Corvo escapes prison with his skills and aid of a mysterious ally. When Corvo escapes he joins a group known as the Loyalists, a group of citizens who plan to revolt against the current Lord Regent to restore Dunwall to former glory.

However he has a friend from the other side who wants to help him.

A man only know as The Outsider, gives Corvo his mark to use abilities that the Outsider can use. Corvo is given these powers in order to clear his name and take revenge on the people who framed him for killing the Empress.


Dishonored has a very unique art style and disgusting yet beautiful graphical presentation.

A steam punk like world that takes inspiration from late 19th century England and early 20th century England.

The art style is very unique, as if you're exploring the world seen on a painting. More specifically an oil painting.The hand drawn environments of Dishonored gives the world a very unique quality to it, at times the environments remind you of the environments seen in Half Life.

The texture design though is not exactly the best and up close the lack of texture design will be painfully apparent.


Dishonored is a First-Person stealth game.

The stealth game play design of Dishonored is honestly the best stealth design I've ever played in a game, there are so many options for the player to explore that one player can sneak throughout the entire mission without even getting close to a guard or killing each guard.

You can be standing calmly in a room with 8 guards and can manage to sneak past every single one of them when there are so many ways for them to detect your presence.

What I really enjoyed about the game is the emphasis on player choice, allowing the player to make whatever choices they want and rewarding them for whatever decision they reach when approach the situation in front of the player.

Meticulous planning or running head first to a room of enemies allows the player to explore so many options of how to approach the combat or complete the main objective and side objectives. There is no particular style or plan to complete the mission, there are so many options for the player to explore either to sneak past the guards or kill them all without letting the other know that their ally has fallen.

The addition of the supernatural powers given to you be the Outsider opens up all kinds of possibilities, warping great distances to reach higher locations or gain access to important locations to gain a tactical advantage in hiding from the enemy.

What's also unique about the game is that based on player decisions and actions can the world around you, even changing the responses of NPC characters that can change the ending of the game. Choosing to kill guards and targets can change the world in a negative way, turning clean streets into garbage laced streets with graffiti on the walls and Weepers obstructing your path to your objective.

Choosing to be merciful and not killing targets can result in clean streets, better responses from NPCs and a brighter outcome. You can choose to be either the deadliest assassin or the most merciful stalker of Dunwall.

It's up to you.

The Verdict

Dishonored is honestly the best stealth game I have ever played and is a game that truly allows you to be an assassin.

There are so many options for the player to explore and choose from when it comes to completing the mission. Which ever choice you make you will be rewarded for making that choice, it can change the outcome of the game and even change events to how they transpire.

I'm very happy to have learned earlier that there is a strong possibility of a Dishonored sequel and very happy that I finally got to play this game.

Dishonored gets an excellent 9 out of 10

Thank you for reading.

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