RUMOR: PS4 Games To Have 4.5GB of PS4 RAM, OS To Have 3.5GB

Good morning folks.

Before I begin this, take this story with a grain of salt.

The article from EuroGamer claims that Digital Foundry got documents from "a well placed development source," it's an unnamed source.

Digital Foundry has been know to give "falsies" in the past from "well placed sources" this has not been confirmed by Sony


According to the article, the PS4 will reserve 3.5GB of the 8GB GDDR5 memory for the operating system, leaving 4.5 GB of space for game code.

However, further sources suggest that an additional 1GB of "flexible memory" may be reclaimed from the OS reservation, based on availability, making 5.5GB potentially accessible.

Internal Sony documents suggest that 4.5GB is the "baseline amount of guaranteed memory available" for games, but the additional 1GB of "flexible memory" can be used by devs to "boost elements of the game" as long as the memory isn't needed by the PS4 OS.

PS4 dev kits currently contain a "Game Memory Budget Mode" that offers "normal" and "large" options, with normal allowing for 4.5GB of memory usage by games, while "large" boosts that number to 5.25GB.

The RAM allocation has not been confirmed by Sony as of now.


First of all, Eurogamer has been known to have Sony come in and correct them. They have a history.

Second, PS4 hasn't confirmed the RAM allocation. These numbers are not set in stone so they're subject to change later. Maybe when Gamescom begins Sony will come out to confirm the RAM numbers or maybe in the next few days Sony will confirm the RAM numbers.

People are already going with this story saying that this is "bad news" for the PS4.

It hasn't been confirmed.

Also, Digital Foundry is also stating that 3GB of the Xbox One RAM will be used for the OS, also not confirmed by Microsoft.

I won't even speculate on what this means if these rumors turn out to be true, I don't even know what these numbers mean now!

Thank you for reading.

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