Borderlands 2 Weapon Loot Guide: Jakobs

Good evening everyone.

Tonight we will be going into Borderlands 2, we'll be taking a look at the weapons meant for a cowboy.

The Jakobs weapons.

              "If it takes more than one shot,                             you weren't using a Jakobs!!!"

Manufacturer Origins

The Jakobs Corporation has held to certain values through the years.

Family. Honor. Always aiming for the head.

The founder Montgomery Jakobs always believed in damage above all else, accuracy, recoil and elemental effects is pointless. There's nothing better than a big bullet that can tear a man's head clean off, any Jakobs weapon you will find will generally have more damage than any other manufacturer.

Each weapon you find will be semi-automatic with moderate recoil but devastating damage, you'll be able to blast a robot in half with one shot from a Jakobs shotgun.


In Borderlands 2, you will only find Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles and Pistols. You will never find an SMG, a rocket launcher, LMG, shield or grenade mod from Jakobs.

The weapons you find will also never be automatic or fire in bursts, the weapons you find will always be semi-automatic.

Generally, the only weapon types from Jakobs to have top notch accuracy will be the Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles. Shotguns and Pistols from Jakobs will have a large amount of recoil and less accuracy. Hyperion weapons will beat Jakobs weapons in terms of accuracy, Hyperion weapons will also have less recoil.

Jakobs weapons will also  appear more often in Borderlands 2 than they did in the original Borderlands.

The weapons you'll find will have low magazine sizes compared to most other weapons, will have moderate recoil and will have an old western aesthetic design. Jakobs along with Vladof is the only manufacturer to use wood as a material in the weapon design.

Assault Rifles for Jakobs guns will always be semi-automatic, the rifles will have wooden material on the gun, they'll have moderate recoil but deal massive amounts of damage.

Shotguns from Jakobs will have miniscule clip sizes, at most you'll find a shotgun with 4 shots instead of the common 2 shots for each shotgun. You will do a great amount of reloading but will conserve more ammunition of that particular weapon type.

Sniper Rifles will have high accuracy, low recoil and either be bolt-action or semi-automatic. The Sniper Rifles will have okay magazine sizes and deal high damage, headshots are a must to get the most out of the high damage.

Pistols will be semi-automatic and like the revolvers of the old west will have only 6 to 9 shots if the weapon doesn't have an increased magazine attachment.

Jakobs weapons can take out opponents quickly if the magazine size will support the high damage of the Jakobs weapon used. When in battle, it's more than likely you'll punch a hole in an enemy's health bar but may reload 2-4 times before the enemy is dead.

It's also not a good idea to have a Jakobs weapons equipped in each weapon slot, Jakobs weapons have moderate recoil and if you go into Last Stand, you might not even be able to hit your opponents without the bloom of the weapons hurting your chances of making Second Wind to revive yourself.

I recommend having a Jakobs Sniper Rifle and Revolver in your weapon slots.

In Conclusion

A Jakobs weapon will be useful for bringing a devastating amount of damage to an enemy you encounter.

Jakobs weapons however might not be for everyone though, Jakobs weapons will have recoil and bullets may whiz above enemies heads as they move closer in to take you down.

For those with deadly trigger fingers that can also manage the high recoil, Jakobs weapons are for you.

They may not have the elegance of a Maliwan, the fire-rate of a Vladof or the accuracy of a Hyperion weapon.

Jakobs weapons will make up those things with raw firepower.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and you learned something useful.

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