The Top 12 Most Iconic Weapons In Gaming, Part.2

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Welcome back to The Top 12 Most Iconic Weapons In Gaming.

Weapons that stand out above the rest and are the most memorable weapons in the video game industry.

This list covers numbers 6 through 1. All the weapons listed are weapons the "Gaming" community on Google + suggested.

Number 6
The Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII
You are introduced to a man named Cloud Strife, he has abnormally spiky hair but his weapon of choice is a massive sword known as the Buster Sword.

This weapon is massive, it looks heavy but Cloud uses it like it's as light as feather.

The Buster Sword will always be remembered as Cloud's sword that is used to take on anyone he faces, even the Heartless when he's in Kingdom Hearts 2.

No other blade in Final Fantasy VII will ever be as iconic as the Buster Sword.

Number 5
Scorpion's Rope Dagger
In the fighting game Mortal Kombat there is a ninja by the name of Scorpion, he's not a normal ninja though.

He's dead.

Somehow in the afterlife he has a deadly surprise for his opponents. He can throw this rope with a dagger at the end to stab into his opponents and pull them in so Scorpion can deliver a deadly beating and he delivers his famous line....

This weapon shall forever be remembered as the weapon that signifies your death in Mortal Kombat and is the iconic weapon of Mortal Kombat.

Number 4
The Energy Sword from Halo
Although there are many cool and unique weapons from the Halo franchise, the weapon that stands out above the rest is the infamous Energy Sword.

I was actually pretty torn on what weapon to use from Halo, either the Energy Sword, Magnum or Sniper Rifle.

I will mention the awesomeness of the Magnum and Sniper Rifle from Halo later on.

The Energy Sword is a sword made of pure energy that can cut through anything and everything, this is probably the weapon responsible for the deaths of many Spartans from the UNSC.

If you pick up this weapon you better have the skill to make this iconic weapon remind everyone why it stands out above every other weapon.

Number 3
The Crowbar from Half-Life
Physicist Gordon Freeman has many weapons at his disposal.

The weapon however that gamers all around know the most and love the most, is the Crowbar.

Facing a security guard with a machine gun? Run up to him and hit him with a Crowbar, trying to kill a Head Crab? Hit it with the Crowbar.

I've had the pleasure of using this weapon and it is always there to save the day when I don't have any more ammo in my gun. Almost any enemy that's on the ground can be taken down using the Crowbar.

It can smash boxes open to find medical supplies, ammo and kill your enemies. What could be better than that?

Number 2
The Hidden Blade from Assassin's Creed
The Assassin's from Assassin's Creed are trained in stealth and acrobatics, to use the world around them as a tool to get them to where they need to go and to find their target.

However, they have a tool that they use to kill their targets that has been used since the beginning of the Assassin brotherhood.

The Hidden Blade.

A small blade is sheathed under the left wrist of the user and can unsheathe the blade instantly to take out their target without making a lot of noise.

The Hidden Blade is an Assassin's number one tool to use against the Templars and earns a mention in the Top 12.

And now......we reach the finale of this list.....

Number 1
The Gravity Gun from Half Life 2
I could not let this gun pass through this list without any sort of mention, this is THE gun that makes every other gun look obsolete.

The Gravity Gun from Half-Life 2 is an iconic weapon simply because of what it can do.

It can pick up any object on the ground to to be thrown against any enemy you come across, 2x4, barrels, buzzsaw blades, boxes etc.

It can also be used to push enemies back with a beam of energy, hit an enemy enough times and you'll kill that enemy, if you're on top of a building and your enemy is close to the edge, pull the trigger and shoot him off the roof.

It doesn't need ammo and can be used as many times as you need to use it.

In a zombie apocalypse stuck in the junkyard and you only have the Gravity Gun at your disposal? You're going to survive.

Gamers everywhere who have played the Half-Life series and who have used the Gravity Gun know how great of a weapon it is, you may have that pump action shotgun and crossbow, but nothing compares to the amazing versatility of the Gravity Gun and that is why I put it in this list and the last iconic weapon of this list.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed and I hope you'll read my other posts.

For my regular readers, the next review will be on Kingdom Hearts 2, my next weapon guide will be on the XPR-50 Sniper Rifle from Black Ops 2.


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