Call of Duty Black Ops 2:New Map Pack "Vengeance"

Afternoon folks.

Today Treyarch has released an official behind the scenes trailer to the new map pack coming to Black Ops 2.


4 new multiplayer maps, a new Zombies map and a new zombie weapon.

The behind the scenes trailer was released today and in the trailer David Vonderhaar announced that the map pack will come to Xbox Live first on July 2nd.

Let's start off with an overview of the maps.


According to the trailer. Cove is set in the Indian Ocean with rocky terrain and lush foliage.

The map is surrounded by water and players will be able to bob and weave through the map to force the enemy team into the center to come across multiple lines of fire.


Detour is a two-level map. Players will be fighting either on top of the bridge that supports long, medium and short range engagements while down below, there will be many short and medium range engagements.


Set in a paintball arena where it supports multiple environments of combat.

The idea of the map is to push forward and don't look back to kill the enemy team.


Taking place in the Myanmar mountains. Uplink is a remake of the map 'Summit' from the original Black Ops.

I actually enjoyed watching the gameplay footage of Uplink due to the dark and stormy atmosphere of the map.

I did like Summit a lot in the original Black Ops.

Zombies- Buried
Buried takes place in an old underground western town, the 4 survivors of Black Ops 2's Zombies story are back.

The map will feature an unknown character that players can either use for their advantage or will become their enemy.

New Gun-Ray Gun Mark II

The Ray Gun Mark II is the evolution of the famous Ray Gun.

It's now a true laser(according to the information from the trailer) it can fire through trains of zombies. Think of it like a collateral shot with a sniper rifle except the sniper rifle is a laser beam that fires through zombies.

Will this gun be available in other zombie maps? I'm not sure.


I'm not excited for this map pack, I'm not going to buy the map pack. I haven't bought the last two map packs so why start now?

Honestly most of these maps look and sound like recycled maps we've played on before.

Cove reminds me of the map 'Crisis' from the original Black Ops.

Detour is 'Hijacked' from the default maps except taking place on a bridge.

Rush is also a map that sounds like Hijacked except you're in a paintball arena.

And Uplink is a remake of Summit, I would like to ONLY get this particular map because I like the look of the map.

As for the zombie map, I don't play much of zombies anymore so I don't care for the map.

Don't let my opinion affect your choice whether or not to buy Vengeance.

If you want to buy Vengeance then feel free to buy it, you will not receive any judgement from me for buying the map pack.

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