The Eighth Console Generation:Microsoft And Sony, My Thoughts

Hello everyone, thank you reading this.

Today I'm going to talk about the next generation we're heading into now with the Xbox One and PS4.

I'm going to be giving my opinion on the companies and their consoles with the info we have today.

I'm going to start with Microsoft, simply to get it out of the way.

Please read the end of this post.


Microsoft has been Microsoft's worst enemy in recent months leading to E3 and now leading to the launch of the console.

Honestly, I think the negative PR gate opened when Microsoft revealed the console and advertised it like a giant TV box. I do see what they were trying to do, expand their audience with those that watch TV more than playing games, but in doing so they abandoned the gaming audience. 

Gamers do not buy their latest gaming console for TV and movies, it's a nice feature but a feature that will rarely be used. Even now I hardly use any of the apps for TV and movies that the 360 has to offer, I mostly play games.

Then of course came the Always-Online and DRM policies that a lot of gamers were not a fan of.

To add to that, it also didn't help that Don Mattrick told those who did not have any form of internet connection that they can still go out and get an Xbox 360.

That statement right there.....convinced me and a lot of other gamers to buy a PS4. At the time of this statement the 24 hour check in and DRM policies were still in place for the Xbox One. So as you can imagine when Sony didn't go down the same route and offered a cheaper next gen console, gamers clearly saw the better product.

Now since their reversed stance on their original policies, this makes the Xbox One more attractive to me and to a lot of people.

Ultimately though, I think the reason why the Xbox One has to some been doomed, is because of the way Microsoft has advertised their product.


Honestly I have never been a fan of Sony. I never owned a PS1, never got a PS2 and never considered getting the PS3.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not saying that the console or the games were bad it's just that they didn't have my interest. Also because a lot of my friends got a 360 so I wanted to play with them.

This year however before all the controversy and console reveals of the next gen. I told myself "This year I'll get a PS4." 

I said this to myself in the interest of trying something new, getting a new console, playing new exclusive series. I have owned Nintendo and Microsoft consoles in the past so I figured to get a Sony console this year to try out new exclusives and play games on a different system.

I understand that at the time without the information we have now on the consoles, you would tell me "That's not a very smart decision."  Then later I thought to myself "Well if the PS4 doesn't grab my interest I'll take a look at Microsoft's new console."

I had backup plans.

What happened in the months to come surprised me. Sony now has a cheaper, stronger, slimmer console and at the time of the E3 reveal was the less restrictive console. For the first time in my years as a gamer, a Sony console has finally got my interest.

It supported used games, did not require a 24 hour check in and wasn't going to kill the sales of used games and has very interesting exclusives coming out for it.

Cheaper, stronger, slimmer, has more exclusives coming out for it in the first year of it's life of the next generation.

Sony has been playing the PR well and has advertised their console well. They didn't advertise their console as a TV box, they didn't tell gamers "If you can't meet our requirements to play our console, then go buy our 7 year old console, the next generation is not for you."

However do not mistake my purchase of the PS4 in spite of the Xbox One, my intention of buying the console is still to try something different.

The Verdict

I may be buying a PS4, but that does not mean the other consoles will never have my support, I will try to play on all 3 consoles. 

The one thing I want everyone to do when they buy one of the new consoles, you enjoy that console.

Don't buy it and think to yourself "I wanted to buy the other console but everyone hates the other console."

Squeeze as much fun as you can out of that console and enjoy your experience. You made your choice that you were free to make, if anyone is criticizing you for your choice or if one of your friends is criticizing you for making that choice.

You need to get a new friend and anyone telling you that you made the wrong choice is someone who's jealous of your choice.

Thank you for reading.

Stay tuned for the Star Wars Battlefront and Left 4 Dead review.

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