Right Around The Corner:E3 2013

It's summer time. Gamers are finishing their time in school or graduating from it, it's time to look forward to going to your friend's house to swim in their swimming pool, hang out in the backyard meanwhile hot dogs or burgers are being cooked and of course it's time for E3.

Next Tuesday, E3 begins and that means games,games, games and of course tech.

I know that many of you are looking forward to so many things from E3 this year, especially in terms of gaming. What the new PS4 console looks like, what other games are going to be on the PS4, what else can the PS4 do in terms of gaming and how much will the PS4 cost?

How will playing games on the Xbox One look like? What other games will be on the Xbox One? How much will the Xbox One cost?

Will Sony focus on games? Will Microsoft focus on games as well? We won't know until next Tuesday.

So today I'm going to be mentioning things I personally don't want to see from Microsoft and Sony and things I want to see from Microsoft and Sony. I'm leaving Nintendo out of the discussion because they announced earlier this year that they will not have an E3 press conference and will instead be hosting smaller events via Nintendo Direct on Wii-U.

Most of the items being mentioned will be very short(except for Microsoft's section, water cooler anyone?)

Feel free to comment down below on the things you don't want and do want to see from Microsoft and Sony at E3.

Let's begin with Microsoft.

Don't want to see Microsoft......

I do not want to see or hear more about how I can watch television through my Xbox console.

Microsoft,  your console reveal was horrible, why was that? Because you advertised your console as a glorified DVR box that could go onto Skype while you watch basketball. We already have a way to watch TV, we already have a way to switch between watching TV and playing a video game,we already have a way to be on Skype while watching the basketball game, we already have all these things.

Your console may be an all in one entertainment device, which is innovative and unique, but please refrain from mentioning ANYTHING on how to watch TV.

I also do not want to see a lack of information about the controversial 'used-games fee' that has been playing a big role in Microsoft's negative PR. Microsoft you have the chance to clear up some of these rumors, you have the chance to prove you have the best intentions for gamers, not for your wallets.

The next thing about the conference, no COD story or tech demo discussion why?


Do want to see Microsoft....

I do want to see Microsoft focus on games. It's been something that has been on my mind since the god awful console reveal, more specifically I want to see the new games.

Those 15 exclusives we were told that was coming to the console and the 8 IPs is something I want to see at the press conference.

I do want to see what the Xbox One can do for gaming, I want to see what it could do in terms of graphics and what it offers that's new to the gaming spectrum.

I also want to see Halo 5. Please of all things that they show at E3, this needs to be shown or at least mentioned. It would not be a Microsoft press conference without Master Chief.

Let's head over to Sony

Don't want to see Sony...

I do not want to see the announcement of how you can watch TV with your PS4.

Xbox has that covered.

I do not want to see "Wonder Book 2" if it even exists, Wonder Book from the last Sony E3 conference was really weird and obviously didn't impress me, nor a lot of people for that matter.

I also do not want to see the financial reports of Sony from last year or few months earlier, I don't care how much money you made Sony.

I also do not want to see a high price for the PS4,600 dollars was the original price point for the PS3 back in 2006, as one would assume, it was not popular.

Finally, Playstation Home......just no.

Want to see Sony....

I want to see the PS4, one thing that intrigues me more than anything about the PS4 is how the PS4 will look like.

I want to see more launch titles announced at the press conference, hopefully Kingdom Hearts 3.....what am I kidding it isn't going to happen.

I want to see a moderate cost for the PS4, either 350 or 400 dollars is a decent price for the console, considering all the hardware that has gone into making the console what it is.


There you have it, things I want to see and don't want to see from these press conferences.

I'm still eagerly awaiting next Tuesday to discover what awaits us in the next generation, let's all hope it's something that blows us away.

Thank you for reading.

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