Sherlock BBC Series Review

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Today I am going to be reviewing one of my most favorite of television mystery crime dramas.


A modern retelling of the mystery novels written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes.
Whom many of you might recognize as Johnathan Harrison from Star Trek: Into Darkness.

And Martin Freeman as Dr.John Watson.

Whom many of you might recognize as Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit.

Sherlock brings a modern twist to the famous cases of Sherlock Holmes but still holds true to the original story of the many cases Sherlock and Watson solved during their partnership.

The series so far only has two seasons and the third is only a few months away.

Let's review each season and the way the episodes are made in the series.

Season 1

In Season 1 of Sherlock, we're introduced to John Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

Watson is a former soldier of the British Army, returning from the war in Afghanistan due to an injury in his right leg which causes him to limp and use a cane,  he is looking for someone to share a flat with meanwhile he's going through every day life as a civilian. He is then introduced to Sherlock Holmes, a self made Consulting Detective that helps the police in cases where they're baffled, so that makes almost every case.

Watson is told to stay away from Sherlock Holmes as much as possible due to the lengths Holmes will go to in order to solve the case or prove scientific theories.

Their first case they work on "A Study in Pink" is a string of suicides with the same poison at places the victims had no reason to be at the time, these suicides are believed to be a string of murders instead of suicides, upon discovering who is behind the poison it is revealed that these murders actually had been orchestrated by a man only identified as Moriarty.

Apparently Sherlock Holmes' number 1 fan.

After their first case, Watson's injury on his right leg  is healed and he decides to join Holmes to help him with his cases and also help him discover who Moriarty is.

Season 2

In Season 2 we join Holmes and Watson again, however this time they're internet famous.

People in London including members of Scotland Yard, Holmes begins to gather much attention from the press and people hoping to have their problems being solved by the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

However, Moriarty discovers a way to turn the police and everyone in London against Sherlock.

Moriarty creates a false case to make everyone believe that Holmes was involved with a kidnapping of two kids from a school, the police start to question how fast and easy Holmes was able to solve the case and begin to doubt that Holmes is really who he says he is and if he's actually solved these cases or been the one who orchestrated the cases he's solved.

Holmes' reputation is in the balance and all of London may turn against him due to the simple idea of doubt that has been put into everyone's head.

"Holmes is a fake"

Each episode of Sherlock is a loose adaptation of the books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Most episode titles some will remember straight away and find the twist in the titles, very devout fans of Sir Doyle's work will recognize the different elements involved in the episodes from different books.

"A Study in Pink" is a modern adaptation based on "A Study in Scarlet", "The Blind Banker" combines the cases of "The Dancing Men" and "Valley of Fear" into one episode.

Each episode is brilliantly directed with the pace of the story in each episode moving at a very brisk pace, not making it too slow or too fast where you either become bored of the story or lose your place in the story, you'll be interested in everything in what a character says or does in the episode as anything could be seen as a hint to who was the mastermind behind the crime.

It surprises the audience and when the reason as to why they did it or how they did it will surprise you.

The acting is top notch, every actor or actress we see in each episode does a brilliant job of playing their part. You will not find an over-actor or an under-actor in the episodes.

Benedict Cumberbatch does an amazing job at portraying Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman does an amazing job as well portraying John Watson, these characters are not just the main characters the audience is supposed to cheer for. Holmes and Watson are characters you care about through the entire series, seeing past the bickering of Holmes and Watson you can really tell that both characters have a great amount of respect and care for the other.

Each episode is an hour and a half long, so instead of a normal half an hour or hour long episode of the series, you're instead getting 3 mini-movies per season. Each season of the show is 3 movies of watching a brilliant and well made modern retelling of the stories written by Conan Doyle.

20 dollars for 3 movies is a very good value.

The Verdict

Sherlock is a brilliant and very well made modern adaptation of the infamous Sherlock Holmes. The show does well to keep true to the spirit of the original stories.

The acting is spot on with everyone portraying their character appropriate to how the original characters are portrayed.

Unfortunately at this point in it's life time it is rather short, the episodes have enough material to keep you entertained but you will get caught up to the story of the series very quickly.

I eagerly look forward to Season 3 and I hope that once the rest of you watch the series you'll also be as excited as I am.

I give Sherlock a 5 out of 5

It is a brilliant series that I recommend any fan of mystery and crime dramas to watch.

Thank you for reading, my next game review will be on the original Dead Space.

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