Sony:No Used Game DRM for PS4

Everyone, I have good news and bad news....well....maybe bad news.

Rumors began to spread recently about Sony using the DRM system for used games, Kotaku recently contacted Sony directly and had a few questions about the used DRM system. A Sony representative actually referred Kotaku to an article posted by Kotaku themselves that was published back in February which says.

"At a roundtable this morning, Sony's game sutdios chief, Shuehi Yoshida, told reporters that any requirement for users to register a game online in order to play it would be left to game publishers. Sony won't require that."  Emphasis on SONY.

Before I go on to what this could mean, here's what we know is official so far.

- The Playstation 4 can play games offline without having to be online. This was clarified the day the PS4 was revealed, back in February.

- Sony will not have a mandatory DRM for used games. You can play, buy and trade used games on the PS4 as usual, no registration fees, pay-walls or internet registration required.

- If you so choose, you can play games from the physical copy of the game, download them from the digital store or remote load them. Sony will not be mandating any method over the other for multi-format titles.

- Finally, the PlayStation 4 does not and will not require a constant always-on internet connection.

It looks like Sony has the best intentions for gamers....however.

The emphasis I put on Sony was needed, Sony will not need a used game DRM system, however that means that game publishers will be left with the choice of having a used game DRM for their titles.

So for example, 2K Games might require a used games DRM  system for their games, while Activision will not.

There is a possibility that game developers will not decide to go to such extremes, but we can still smile about this news, Sony exclusives will not cost anything else when you're purchasing the game used but that could mean you're going to pay more money for the next Borderlands game(if there will be another).

We can only hope that game publishers will feel the same way.

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